LG GSA-4120b - Prefers minus or plus media?


I am just considering buying some more media to burn with my LG GSA-4120b - and I am not sure if the drive will prefer minus or plus media - I will be buying reasonably quality cheapish media.

Why I ask, is that I know my previous TWO drives both preferred the plus variety.


GSA4120 is a plus media bias drive. Notice the “DVD+ReWritable” on the tray bezel?

The DVD+RW logo is there just because the drive supports DVD+RW in addition to DVD-RAM and DVD-R/-RW as well as CD-R and CD-RW. What is most important there is Super Multi which comprises all of them.

LG Super Multi DVD writers have no preference at all. Just good at anything.

Thanks for the replies.


i’ve used quite a few -R X4 such as ritek g04, verbatim - R X4, many burns, no problems.

Both +r and -r have worked for me with no problems. Your standalone DVD player may dictate which format that you will buy. Although my Sony manual states that it reads only the -r flavour, it reads both - even with a book value of +r.
I read somewhere that the +r is a superior format as it is less prone to read errors caused by scratches. But that is another forum.

My LG 4120 favours + media for writing at 12x.

For 12x and 16x writing in LG, most widely available media are all Plus, YUDEN000T02, MCC003, MCC004, RICOHJPNR02, and so on.