LG GSA-4120B Only recognizes the first disk I put in!

When I put in a CD or DVD into my LG GSA-4120B everything is fine and it sees it no problem, but when I take that out and put a new DVD or Cd in it sees only the first CD I put in!!! For instance if I put in a Superman DVD it sees and plays that fine but if I put a Batman DVD after it still say it’s the Superman DVD and can’t play (Because it’s a batman DVD and not the Superman DVD the computer THINKS it sees) The only way to fix it is to reboot! I have the brand new firmware so that didn’t fix the problem… any suggestions? I looked on the forum for an answer to this but didn’t find anything.


This is sometimes caused by Auto Insert Notification not being switched on. The easiest way to do this is with DVD Decrypter or Imgburn.

Thanks TimC but the Auto Insert Notification is turned on… I tried turning it off and then on again but i still have the same problem. It’s soooo frustrating… for whatever reason my computer locks on to the first CD or DVD I put in and thinks that is what I have in the tray no matter what else I put in! Any other suggestions??

I had the same problem. Mine seemed to have been caused by the patin couffin driver used in Blindwrite. Once I removed it, my problems disappeared. If you have some VSO software installed, the patin couffin driver will be installed as well. You can try uninstalling that software and the patin couffin driver (uninstalling the software does not seem to automatically remove the driver).

No VSO software installed and no “patin couffin driver” as far as I can tell. It’s becoming really annoying now as I can’t install any programs more than one disk because the computer still thinks disc one is in the machine when I’ve actually now put in #2!!!