LG GSA-4120B Media compatibility

One might wonder about the relationship between LG and Philips in the LCD industry which is far bigger than the relationship between LG and Hitachi in the ODD industry.

You once said this page was in Japanese.


That’s like saying your English is Arabic actually.

YOU were the source of infomation about Philips media being artificially limited in LG drives. Please try not to hijack the thread, lets concentrate on ODD not LCD :iagree:
That page looked like Japanese I did not know it was yours and it was an honest mistake.

Datawrite DVD+R Printable 8x written @ 8x (could write to at 12x max) MCC003

Maxell DVD+R 4x burnt at 4x (YUDEN000T01) Firmware A111

Datasafe media 4x +r burnt at 4x (RITEK R02) Firmware A111

Anyone know about the Benq 8x Media? Future Shop has the 50 packs on for cheap cheap, like 30 cents a disc, and was thinking of picking up a few. The 100 packs are about the same price, but they are only 4x, so obviously I want the faster burn! :slight_smile:

I would think they are good quality discs but I because of the Benq / Philips relationship I would guess their burn speed is limited, as for the Philips discs.

TRAXDATA (Ritek) 8.5 GB Double Layer 2.4x burnt @ 2.4x

The K-probe returned errors twice and stopped - the third time it managed to completed.

I will avoid this combination in future.

The transfer rate shows what a struggle this disc is.

TDK DVD+RW 4x burnt @ 4x (RICOHJPNW11)

The +R’s work great. But with my slow computer, I only burn at 4X. Six successful burns so far, no frizbees. At that price, I should grab another 200 if they have any left.