LG GSA-4120B first tests: 12x DVD+R and 5x DVD-RAM

At least two of my friends in Seoul have received LG GSA-4120B this week. They are performing some early tests with their newest toys.

There’s one 5x DVD-RAM media in the sample package. GSA-4120B can write to Lite-On DVD+R 8x media at up to 12x speed and this is the only type of media capable of 12x recording one of the two testers found so far.

Lite-On 8x DVD+R: up to 12x
Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD-R: 4x
Ricoh 4x DVD+R: 4x

from a Korean-language report here

I myself didn’t volunteer as a tester as I’ve just moved to new home and got a baby, with no desktop installed to perform even the most basic DVD writing. I have an LG GSA-8120B instead which another friend has sent to me a few weeks ago.

I don’t know how much Ritek will charge for the new 5x DVD-RAM media but it will depend on the scale of demand and supply as usual. US$3 per unit I guess in Q3 2004, at OEM level.

I’ve had some Lite-On DVD+R 8x media, perhaps 30 or 40 discs, bought for the price of common 4x media, isn’t this wonderful? :bigsmile:

Originally posted by Kenshin

I’ve had some Lite-On DVD+R 8x media, perhaps 30 or 40 discs, bought for the price of common 4x media, isn’t this wonderful? :bigsmile:

Are they RICOHJPNR02 or YUDEN000T02?

Sorry for this late reply. I’m not sure since it was months ago last time I checked.

I met one of the two guys that got GSA-4120B yesterday. I took a few photos only. The other guy caught cold and was overstressed from overwork. (He works for a LiteOn distributor.)

Unfortunately, he told me that he couldn’t get dual layer DVD media from LG yet. I thought LG had sent both DL DVD+R and 12x DVD+R to testers. Perhaps I’d better contact LG directly to ask for some. Thus no test result of DL DVD+R with GSA-4120B from us in South Korea.

It’s been 15 hours since I left home yesterday. I and my wife left home for hospital but the doctor was not present at work and we failed to catch the last bus. We are still in Seoul. My wife’s dozing beside me.

Another off-topic, I tried to disassemble my Dell CD-ROM and NEC CD-R/DVD-ROM combo drives. It took some time. The front bezels were too different so I gave up substituting the Dell CD-ROM with NEC’s combo drive. I have to get a combo or DVD writer for the Dell, a Latitude D800 notebook.


The pictures were taken on a Pizza Hut table.

Thx for the sneak peak Kenshin!
I’d love to see a Kprobe scan on a disc written at 12x!

More pictures here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=95804

The 4120 looked very similar to my 4082, but it might be just that LG used 4082 bezels for 4120 samples temporarily before mass production.


by kimya95 @ StorageInfo

The sample drive was provided by LG Electronics in Seoul and Pyungtaek, South Korea. The files are hosted by me. Everything was done by Mr. kimya95 in Seoul, an SI admin.

1/9 Product Features
2/9 Test Environment
3/9 Media Compatibility
4/9 DVD Recording Test
5/9 DVD-RAM Recording Test
6/9 CD-R Recording Test
7/9 DVD Reading Performance
8/9 DVD Ripping Performance
9/9 Concluding…

He gave nearly perfect score to GSA-4120B, 97 out of 100. The only thing he didn’t like was its DVD ripping speed. DVD+R DL media was not provided as of this time.

From the review result, I can now see it’s RICOHJPNR02, either Ritek or Lite-On brand on top. He didn’t have TY’s YUDEN000T02 media. He tested only YUDEN000T01 instead and only 2.4x and 4x were allowed like RICOHJPNR01 code media from Ritek and Lite-On.

A lot of outdated links here. I guess there are thousands of such links with missing pages and files. :sad:

Since this is Jan. 2005, it was 9 months ago since GSA-4120B. Truly time for something new! :slight_smile: