LG GSA-4120B Firmwareupdate A115

Today there is a new firmwareupdate on the german LG Service page


1,454,995 Feb 01, 2005 for LG Germany release A115
1,450,673 Dec 08, 2004 for Buffalo DVSM-D5812FB release A115

A115 firmware is not yet on South Korean LGE homepage. Updated accordingly on my LG Firmware page.

Does anyone know what’s new in this firmware?

Just for completeness, former is A115-00 and later is A115-02, and it is the same fw as the one provided by Sony Vaio week ago).

Where’s that says A115-00 and A115-02? The Buffalo release is A115-02 and the latest LG release is A115-00?

The older one from Buffalo is A115-00. This and the latest from LG is A115-02.

It is written in beginning of the firmware.

Thanks again for making it clearer!

What is the difference other than the name of A115-00 and A115-02? Anybody out there know?

A115-00 is not official. There it voids warranty. For Buffalo-HLDS owners, better use A115-00 though.