LG GSA-4120B firmware v.A115



I was searching the forums to see if this new version was already posted, but my search didn’t find it.

New firmware has been released

¡ß Model:GSA-4120B
¡ß Ver:A115
¡ß Improvement Point

  • Improvement of Write Strategy for DVD Media
    => DVD-R: RITEK 8X, MUST 8X, DAXON 8x, INFODISC 8x, KIC 8x
    => DVD+R: OPTODISC 8x, PRODISC 8x, NANYA 8x, IMC 8x, CMC 8x, PRODISC 8x, MCC 12x
    => DVD-RW: PRODISC 4x, CMC 4x, RITEK 4x
    => DVD+RW: MBIPG 4x, DAXON 4x
  • Improvement of DVD+R 12x & DVD+R DL write quality
  • Improvement of DVD+/-RW rewriting ability


Source: http://gb.lgservice.com/index_b2c.jsp