LG GSA 4120B Firmware Update Failed



I have had this LG GSA4120B for almost 6 month now, never had problems before (Disk reading and recording), and now, I just found that it is getting harder of reading certain disks, and I thought maybe it’s time to upgrade the firmware to the lastest version.

My Current Version is A100, and I tried to upgrade to A115, and It failed.

Info about My PC: A dell labtop with usb2.0 and 1394, I put the LG 4120B into a 5.25 Case (connected using usb2.0). OS : win xp pro sp2

What I did: I run the update program(.exe), the drive was found and selected in the program, then I clicked UPDATE, after around 30 mins, a message is shown says: firmware update failed. and I tried again, the same thing happened.


  1. The Optical Drive gets old after a couple month of using, does firmware upgrade fix that kind of problem? (I had no problem with recording or reading before, now just getting harder of reading certain disks, Recording is just fine like a new drive)

  2. If a firmware upgrade failed, what damage does that cause?

Now, the drive seems fine after the update failure. but i still wondering if I need this upgrade.

Thank you guys in advance for Helping me!


It seems you have two separate problems.

  1. Disc compatibility issues or possible drive defects

  2. Firmware update failure (software bugs or conflicts or whatever you call it)

For 1, post more details on LG forum. What kind of certain disks and whether other drives can read the same disks just well and whether a NEW GSA-4120B (or 4163B) can read well, for example.

For 2, try something like connecting the external box on a desktop PC either via USB or IEEE 1394 or to one of the default IDE connector directly (after removing the drive out of the box) or rebooting or shutting down some background programs.

I feel it’s very unlikely that your GSA-4120B is tired of reading some disks just from six-month use. I’ve had GSA-4120B and it has been in use for about 15 months and I’ve had GSA-4082B for more than that. Many of my CD-ROM drives were first bought in the 1990s. I still use them from time to time though not on a regular basis because I don’t even use a computer very often.


Old drives can deteriorate and firmware most likely may not be able to fix mechanical deterioration

I think it failed because some commands needed by the firmware upgrader cannot be sent via USB2.0 - best to do it in a real IDE environment. If the drive still works (which my BENQ after the same affair) you woukd have been lucky, and the upgrade would have completed at least most of it. Recommended to reflash using a desktop computer as this guarantees entire programming, Generally a bad flash = dead drive.


Thank you guys for the help, I will do a upgrade on desktop on monday. I am still little worried, as if the upgrade fails again, and the drive stop working, Does that mean the drive COMPLETELY DEAD, or can be recovered in lusomeway? (someone gotta call the ambulance! Doctor, needs help here! ^o^)

I have upgraded my labtop’s bios, and mp3’s firmware with no problem, and failed upgrading hard drive’s firmware, and also this time. luckly, no hardware was damaged so far!

2 times failure freaks me out a little bit, cos I don’t know what kind of risk that i am taking now!

Great to have ur guys helping me here, ^o^. thanks again


i know what you mean … i haven’t failed except that once on the BenQ, but really it succeeded without being able to tell the computer because of USB enclosure not supporting the command. BTW - flashing firmware on average takes <5mins … any more is a worry!

I dunno, but i think most LG drives are pretty much fubar if it fails


thank you for the information, and i will looking into that on monday. hope the new firmware works! LG Programmers, all the consumers are counting on you!


thank you for the information. hope the firmware works


The upgrade only took 10 seconds. I did a test after the upgrade. and here are some differences:
A100 VS A115

Operating System Windows XP
Firmware Version A100
Serial Number K3545LL3812
Capacity 4.38 GB

Transfer Rate
Start 6.38x
End 8.19x
Average 9.88x
Type P-CAV

Seek Times
Random 106 ms
1/3 110 ms
Full 156 ms

CPU Usage
1X 27 %
2X 18 %
4X 34 %
8X 64 %

Burst Rate 17414 KB/sec
Spin Up/Down Times
Spin Up Time 4.12 sec
Spin Down Time 2.67 sec

Load/Eject Times
Load Time 1.29 sec
Eject Time 2.02 sec
Recognition Time 6.37 sec

Nero CD Speed Test results

Operating System Windows XP
Firmware Version A115
Serial Number K3545LL3812
Capacity 2.97 GB

Transfer Rate
Start 6.43x
End 13.37x
Average 10.81x
Type CAV

Seek Times
Random 142 ms
1/3 146 ms
Full 146 ms

CPU Usage
1X 30 %
2X 17 %
4X 33 %
8X 62 %

Burst Rate 18336 KB/sec
Spin Up/Down Times
Spin Up Time 2.69 sec
Spin Down Time 2.75 sec

Load/Eject Times
Load Time 1.30 sec
Eject Time 2.04 sec
Recognition Time 5.98 sec

I have this done Finally, Thanks to lui_gough, Kenshin and LG.


Btw - final tip - ur running CDSpeed with 2 different discs, and therefore the results are gonna be different… but that doesn’t matter too much - at least it’s back on the road :slight_smile: