LG GSA-4120B Firmware A102 ? (Link for Download)


have anyone a downloadlink for Firmware A102 (LG GSA-4120B). I have seen this firmware on new retail burners.



Hi hagncola, nice to meet you outside of m2d!
I orded 4120 and now I am wondering if that was a wise decision after reading stardvd’s first testings:http://technik.movie2digital.de/thread.php?threadid=15834&sid=
How are your results?

BTW these test were made with FW 102. You probably would not like to use this one. :Z

hello surg,

my first test of the lg 4120 was good. (with FW 101) I scan the media with the Plextor 712 and the results are the same or better like Plextor 712. I used RitekG03, Ricoh02, Ritek G05 (only 4x Speed possible) and MCC01.

I will post my next burning session on m2d.


Thats good news! Seems that stardvd got a defective drive. I am awaiting your findings on m2d!

I haven’t gotten A102 yet but if it’s official, soon it will be available.