Lg Gsa-4120b Burning Slow

I have an LG GSA-4120B
I am using Nero 6.3
Firmware a104
It takes 45 minutes for me to burn a 4x DVD….
On top of that it takes me 14 minutes to burn a CD at 40x
This was even before I upgraded to firmware 104
Am I connecting my optical drive wrong?
I have a PIV 1.8 ghz

Can anyone help?
It’s really irritating to see that people are burning DVDs in 10 minutes with the same drive as me.
Thanks in advance for your reply.


what’s a DMA?

There are too many posts about DMA and too many webpages, but this one might be a good place to start from.


lookie here:

Kenshin and dodecahedron thanks you guys for the help. It was the disabled DMA which was causing my burnign to be really slow. I am now able to burnind CD in less than 3 minutes. I haven’t tried dvd yet but i know it will take me less than 56 minutes :slight_smile: