LG GSA 4120 Problems and Questions


i’ve purchased today a GSA 4120. I’ve owned (and own still) a pioneer A05 (with rpc1 + noriplock firmware) and a dw800@dw822 (B3IC) and i think that i’m not new to dvd burning. But… the gsa 4120 makes me crazy…

I can burn a dvd without a problem with my benq dw800 on sec. IDE as master or slave or on a e.g. seperate pci ide controller. But the gsa 4120 has the following problems:
a) On seperate pci controller (promise): Burns a 8x media only with 1.4x!!!
b) On sec. IDE as slave of benq on a 865 board with ICH5 it won’t burn (Illegal command) or win xp throws a blue screen.
c) Only sec. IDC as master (benq as slave) seems to be a stable setting.

Is this normal for a lg dvd burner? Or “just my system”?



PS: Do you know the website where to get firmware updates for LG dvd burners? My burner uses the firmware A100.

a) This is normal when using promise controllers in combination with many optical drives. IMO: Promise controllers is useless for optical drives, but great for harddrives.
b) I’ve had this problem with pioneer writers - it was caused by an atip hiding program running in the background (CloneCD tray) could probably be caused by other similar programs(alcohol, daemon tools etc) or virtual drives - maybe even by some packet writing programs.

My guess will be “your system” - but I can’t say for sure of course.


thanks for your answers. But i’ve some furthe questions or comments:

a) What is a good pci ide controler for optical drives? I would like to buy one… :slight_smile:
b) Hm… can’t imagine the program which should do this. I don’t use any of the programs you noticed. But sure i’ve different burning programs installed e.g. Nero (or so), Ulead DVD Workshop 1.3, Pinnacle InstantCopy 8.0.x and some small prgs for copying discs.

But if it is my system… Why is the dw800@dw822 running well on the sec IDE as slave whereas the gsa4120 won’t work as slave?

My conclusion: It might be my system but it’s influenced by the burner.



a) The best I’ve used is those based on silicon image chipset. The silicon image chipset is used by many chaep IDE controllers out there. Sold as ST-Lab and sunsway here in Norway.

It might also be worth checking for a BIOS update: for example, the latest for my motherboard has “3. Fix bios error detect BENQ DVD-RW”

The eBuyer value RAID/ATA133 card has an SI chip for about £10. Worth looking at if you’re in the UK.


@OC-FREAK and @MrV: Thanks for your tips about SIL ide controller cards. I will go for one on moday or tuesday after work.



BTW: I’m located in southern germany (bavaria)

Perhaps your A100 firmware is older than this:

http://www.storageinfo.co.kr/EzMODse/viewtopic.php?t=17659 which I posted on May 21 on request of someone (I forgot whom.)

I haven’t checked which the latest version is since then.


thanks for your answer kenshin. I’ve found a firmware from “The Dangerous Brothers” called A101 (ok, it’s RPC1… :wink: ).

Have you any clue why the firmware on the korean side is called N0AD_R06? I thought that LGE firmware files for DVD burner are numbered like this: A100, A101, A200, A303 or similar.

I haven’t checked which the latest version is since then.
Is it possible for you to check it? If the firmware N0AD is newer i’ll try it. But i don’t want to flash a bad file into my one day old drive…



I’m a South Korean and so is LGE. The firmware file I linked for you which I originally posted on request of Ian@CDRLabs on that day which I can now recall was used for the first and second GSA-4120B reviews posted in this LG forum. Please read the reviews if you haven’t. So the firmware was from LG Electronics optical drive division headquarter office in Pyungtaek directly, and perhaps, also confidentially. I was never told not to post it on the web.

LG completed GSA-4120B almost by April and still cannot persuade users to buy it. Waste. Their money mostly goes first into LCD lines.

I use a 6-channel P-ATA RAID controller card, both chipsets and cards South Korean. Five DVD writers are attached to it right now. Pioneer DVR-A05, Plextor PX-708A, LG GSA-4082B, Lite-On LDW-401S@811S, Lite-On LDW-411S@811S. HDDs powered by an Antec True550 and DVDs powered by a very old 250-watt AT PSU. I bought the card primarily for connecting DVD writers.


Check this as well: http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=1841

I had to browse back.


I’ll ask him. :smiley:

From what he has already told me, there have been three firmwares for 4120.[/quote]

N0AD was the latest on May 19. What I meant above is that I haven’t heard of any newer one appearing since May 19, now almost four weeks ago.

I cannot find any firmware file for GSA-4120B posted on LG Electronics South Korean site.


But there is one for GSA-4082B.



You’ve send the link to the korean service web site of lge. As you can see the firmware versions are numbered like i wrote before (A101 or similar). So is NOAD maybe an internal LGE development number? And is there a way to “translate” e.g. NOAD into A102 or something?

I ask it because i’ve no clue to say which is newer. And LGE (it looks like) will only release firmware versions with numbers with the scheme Axxx.

Example: The Dangerous Brothers have made the firmware A101 RPC free. But you’ll find (at least at the moment) no A101 firmware for the 4210 on any of the lge service web sides. Maybe the A101 is NOAD but who can tell it? Wondering… :confused:


Sorry, but why not just check the A100 and A101 RPC firmware files yourself since you have the drive and I have not? I mean you can test it but I cannot. Not right now. If you can test A100, you can find out if A100 is a successor to N0A6 and N0AD.

This is Sunday morning in South Korea so I cannot call LGE to ask about the file.

Also, download and try the N0AD file if you are willing to use even “beta” files from TDB. LG sent the N0AD file to reviewers worldwide last month. I haven’t heard of any bad thing related with it.

where can I buy a 4120, thanks

I’m shocked. LG can’t convince users to buy the 4120? there are quite a few people waiting for it here (including myself).


I will try the N0AD at the latest tomorrow evening. At the moment i’m “quiet happy” with my A101 from TDB. It seems that some media problems are solved. I’ve asked on the firmware page forum where to get the official A101 without the RPC1 patch of the TDB. Brother Vlad answered me that he got the A101 by email last week. (forum.rpc1.org)

@idy: In germany you can get them in many shops like media markt where i bought my one (137 EURO). They had about 20 of them there.

@Brave Heart: Don’t know where you come from but in europe i would go to geizhals price comparison and would choose germany or europe as comparison area. You’ll find the 4120 bulk starting at around 110 EURO and the retail version starting at 117 EURO.

But i’ve bought mine at the media markt because it’s around the corner and i must not pay for the postal transfer. Furthermore if i’ve a problem i can go there and bring it back… :slight_smile:



No idea. I’m in South Korea so I know where you can buy 4120 in South Korea and in Japan. I cannot even read German names properly, if you are the person who wrote me a mail asking about where to buy.

Anyway, whoever sent that mail to me, Lite-On 8x DVD+R media are not for retail sales. As far as I know, they are for bundling meaning the media are bundled with the retail and OEM boxes. I know some guys inside so I can get them, but they are usually made by Ritek, with Ricoh code. As one can see in the media compatibility tables I linked in the review thread, the two media capable of 12x recording with GSA-4120B were Ricoh and Taiyo Yuden.



That’s(DVD+R) YUDEN000T02 8x 12x

Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R media are not very expensive. If they are difficult to find or too expensive, complain to your resellers.

For now, my guess is that the three firmwares used in the sample drives were replaced by A100 and then A101 in the retail drives, but I’m not sure whether NOAD or A101 is better or later. Anyway, both the official and rpc1 versions of A101 firmware for GSA-4120B is at the Firmware Page download page now.