LG GSA-4120 and INFOME R20 8x +R Philips Media



I bought some Philips 8x DVD+R MID is INFOME R20, this is one of only three fully approved (by Philips) 8x DVD+R. (so please no more “buy good media” as happened with the ritek G05 threads) This media is one of the most expensive to buy.

Well I have firmware A111 and does the drive like the media?, no in nero there is not even a selection of availables speeds! It just says “maximum”.

I will try the disc and report back, but I already think this is another case of LG being extremely slow and once again offering bad media support.

Advice to new buyers: be careful when choosing an LG terribly picky on medias.


I can admit from what I’ve read that LG drives may be picky with media. Also, from what I’ve read, Phillips media isn’t so hot. Try other media (Verbatim has worked well for me) and report back before you bash LG.


I am ALREADY bashing LG.

Media support is poor, customer service non-existent, firmware upgrades slow to appear. Rated drive speed only with very few medias. From the posts on here reliability is not looking good either.

Remember this is one of the only three fully approved 8X +R media, are saying LG know better than Philips?


Well…since you wanna bash LG, I can bash you. Look in your user’s manual and you will find that LG recommends TY, JVC and Ricoh media. Why don’t you buy one of those and test it before you talk about what Phillips knows. Obviously, LG knows their drive better than Phillips does and recommends media accordingly. So in short, read YOUR manual then report back.


My 8x Philips dvd+r discs identify as RICOHJPNR02 and burn very well at 12x.


RTM is not really applicable here, are you telling me that you have never used a media that is not listed in your drives manual?

My OEM didn’t come with a manual and LG don’t supply media compatibility lists - for good reason it is obviously a very poor one. I should add I have sent over a dozen requests both emails and on the telephone for a media compatibility list apparently they do not have this information. They told me to read the help in my burning software.

What would you think if you bought a car and found FORD or whoever said it is only suitable for driving in one third of the countries roads!


Of course I have used media that wasn’t listed in the manual. Check to see what other users experiences have been. Once again, start with some media that the manufacturer recommends (TY, JVC, Ricoh). The manual is online, so you have no excuses there.


Can you buy a Ferrari that can run at 300KM/h for US$5,000 and can ride over the hillsides of any mountain with no map and no satellite support?

Buying the media that suit your drive and players is your choice just like finding the right road for your car is your own choice. Look for data on CIA government website. You’ll find USA and some European countries have a lot more road than most of the rest of the countries in the world. Road support and oil prices make it more worthwhile to buy good cars. In South Korea, for example, there are just too few roads that allow 100KM/h. I live in Youngjong Island in Inchon City where one can drive at 200KM/h on certain roads here (not on all.) Even people who have over US$100K cars try the speed limits here and they come to this island just for that purpose. In the US, where oil is extremely cheap and where the longest roads are found, there are also over 200 million cars whereas South Korea only has a little over 10 million cars. The population is just 300 million vs. 50 million different. Media availability, customer support, drive prices, they all vary from country to country in the same fashion. You have to find the types of media that are available in your country. Unfortunately, however much I would like to, I can’t find enough information to help all citizens from all countries. Because most people just don’t post enough organization infortion on forums like this that might be of great help to millions of other users. I know where one can buy good media in the US and in South Korea that work greatly with GSA-4120B and GSA-4163B, just to name two out of several LG models and such information I did post on this forum. In Japan, it’s the easiest because Japan still is the best place of high-quality media development and manufacturing. It’s also easy in Taiwan and Singapore. From all the evidences I could read here, most places in Western Europe seem to be good places for shopping good media that work with GSA-40** and GSA-41** drives well enough.

Since Philips is the biggest and most sour competitor to Hitachi (the main company that works with LG in ODD), it may explain why LG drives give poor support to some Philips media. Like GSA-4163B allowing only 4x write on Philips C16 16x DVD+R media. But Maxell 16x +R/-R media and Mitsubishi 16x +R/-R media work fantastically, far better than any NEC or any BenQ or any Pioneer drive, with LG GSA-4163B. Because Mitsubishi works closetly with Hitachi, LG, and HLDS, and Hitachi [/i]develops and makes[/i] Hitachi-Maxell media. That is also why my GSA-4082B had a Maxell 3x DVD-RAM media. Lite-On IT, just another example, bundles Ritek media more often than others. I’ve had more than 10 Lite-On drives in the last one year (though only 7 are with me now) and hundreds of Lite-On media along with them. Most of the media are Ritek-produced. Mitsubishi-made media are just about 20 disks and there are more Ritek media than TY media that came through Lite-On IT. Because Lite-On IT is very close with Ritek, in both geographical and political sense. They also communicate very well with each other, like the executives from the two companies meeting often in person.


And the media compatibility lists have always been available for those who tried to find on the right places. The best place of some information for Lite-On drives has been NOT http://www.liteonit.com.tw or the Lite-On IT HQ in Taiwan, but CDFreaks Lite-On forum. LG forum on CDFreaks was founded very lately because of many reasons. I was just one of the few CDFreaks staff members when I suggested an LG forum here. It took very long even after I became a moderator. So I wasn’t posting much about LG drives, like 4020, 4040, 4081/4082, but I did post media compatibility test results or some things that might be called such on this LG forum for 4120B and also some for 4082B could have been obtained on the sites I recommended. Even my GSA-5163D thread offers some evidences about what media could be used for either GSA-4163B or GSA-5163D safely though the work has been just maybe 10% or 20% so far.


If thats true then I am deflated, LG tell us where we can drive AND how fast!


Why not just sell your drive and buy ND-3520A or Pioneer DVR-A09? Nobody can gain much from reading your repeated and irreasonable bashing, but you can do yourself a favor by selling your drive which surely seems to dislike you and buying a replacement that will fit your purpose better.

Buying a car with a price tag of US$600,000 which is that expensive mostly simply because it can drive at 350KM/h when you have roads that allow only about max 20KM/h is not an intelligent consumer decision. Either you can move to a region that has highways and flat ground with no rocks and hills or you can sell your luxury item and then buy a US$6,000 car that is good at 20-80KM/h.


To be honest I have to say that I’m a little tired of the “pickiness” of my 4120. I payed good money for this drive: 120€ four months ago, it was not a cheap one and I would expect far far better media support. I don’t give a damn if LG and Phillips are rivals, if Phillips makes good media, LG shoud fully support it and that´s final, that´s wht I gave them my money.
First I bought princo’s them princo’s where sh*t, them I replaced them with memorex, now memorex is no good, Ritek 8x also. What the hell am I supposed to buy? Where I live Tayo Yuden is not easy to find, nor is ricoh. It would be fine by me if the “bad media” where an exception, but it looks otherwise, it seems that everything is bad media but a few exceptions… I’m getting tired specially since people with other (burner) brands don’t seem to have this problems! Come on, all the other media fabricants can’t be incompetent!

I’m really pissed with this, I allways considered LG a very good brand (I have had cd burners, DVD readers, Monitors and even a micro-wave) , but now I’m starting to get dissapointed… If I have to sell my 4120 for less than half the price I gave for it, sure as hell I won’t be buying anything from LG in the near future…

Going back to the car example, it’s like buying a Ford and Ford telling me I shouldn’t use Shell and BP gas! It’s getting ridiculous…


Wrong. Shell and BP are hundreds of times better than Ritek and Princo. Memorex is not even a media manufacturer. You named two of the world’s largest and most experienced oil companies and implied they are as bad as Princo and Ritek.

Just read the forum’s many threads and concentrate on the Media forum. Most of the experienced users and reviewers will tell you not to use Princo and Ritek media.

Nobody told you to buy LG DVD writers to use Princo media. You should have known better. I’m really sorry to say so but that’s just too true. And believe me Pioneer, NEC, Ricoh, Plextor, BenQ, Samsung, Lite-On, Toshiba, Sony, Nu-tech, BTC, AOpen, or any other manufacturer of DVD writers can’t make good results out of Princo DVD media. I do have some good Princo media but even they don’t work always well with any recorder.

Ever read CDFreaks LG forum before you made the decision to buy Princo and Ritek media and also your LG drive? Did LG recommend you to buy Princo media? It was me actually who sent Princo DVD-R and DVD-RW media to LG on my own expense (about US$100) just because there were people who wanted to use Princo media on LG GSA-4040B. I did emphase Princo media work best with Pioneer DVR-A05 and DVR-A04. It helped somewhat, but since there were so many different media for the Princo 4x products, there was no good way for LG to make good write strategy. Pioneer DVR-A05 and DVR-A06 burn Princo and other Taiwanese media better than NEC and LG. But that’s just all, just better than the rest, but still not good enough to be used for proper “backup” purpose.

Maybe you just should have joined CDFreaks forum earlier.


AH! You miss the point kenshin. If I was trying to write at 12x on 8x media your point may be valid.

It is more akin to buying a car sold as 200mph capable then finding it was electronically limited to 155mph.


YOU are still missing the point. If you want to find media that burn at the speed you and your burner like, you should be out looking for and buying it now. Instead, you choose to constantly complain without doing anything about it. It’s not up to Kenshin or anyone else to solve your problems. This forum is about helping others, but you need to take a little initiative here. Do yourself a favor: after you get done reading this post, get up, go to the store and get some different media (you should know where to start by now).

And by the way…if your car is 200mph capable, the computer on the car can be hacked to allow full speed! :slight_smile:


I compared with Shell and BP not for them being bad (wich they aren’t of course), but for beeing among the largest oil companies, and princo - and I don’t want to make an issue out of princo, because there are other media labeled as “bad media”, princo is just an example - is a large media manufacturer. Ok, maybe it’s not the best but is a popular one, and I would expect better support, 95 % of the discs producing the famous “focus or tracking error” is not a good sign for neither the media nor the burner.

yes, nobody told me to buy princo, but nobody told not to either. When I bought the burner the box said it would burn everything from -R to +RDL, not everything except what LG thinks is bad media, and in this thread we saw an LG burner not liking a type of media fully aproved by Phillips, that’s the problem, to me is it not proven that every media now being labeled as “bad media” trully deserves it.Specially Ritek wich I always believed (based on other people’s experience) to be one of the best

And actually I don’t think I should have known better, when I bought the drive I was choosing between the 4120 and the sony 700A, I red the reviews in the internet and both were very similar so I choose the LG because of my excelent 8400b cd burner. For me, and for 90% of the buyers media compatibility wasn’t even an isue. Ok, from my experience with cd’s I knew I should avoid some brands, but like I said before that was the exception, now it seems to be the rule…

If this is true and I’m not doubting your word than the situation is even worse than I thought , one thing is LG trying but not succeding to make the burner fully compatible (and that means making the best burn possible with every media, bad or not), not even trying and completely ignoring a manufacturer is even worse. Since I’m the one who’s paying it should be LG’s job to please me, not the contrary.

Ok man, I can agree that they cannot keep the pace with every media that comes out, but still I believe media support should be much better.

With this I cannot agree, I believe when a person buys anything they should inform themselves but havinhg to read and undertsand most of what’s being said in this forum you must agree is it not for average buyer. The average buyer now has good expectation from LG. And I guess that’s really my point, back than I could have bought a cheap Benq, but I didn’t because the kind of situation we’re discussing here I could expect from a brand like Benq (which to me back then was a cheap and anknown brand) not from LG, I payed the extra bucks in exchange for a notion of quality, wich I’m not sure I have anymore, that’s what i’m bichin about … :slight_smile:

Let me go for the last time into the Ford example, it would be one hell of a world if after buying a new car you use it for 5000 Km and you realise sometimes the steering sucks, you go back to Ford and they tell you: “the car steers wonderfully but only on the roads we recomend, not the ones close to your house, we’re sorry, you should have informed yourself of that before buying” :eek: :eek:



I don’t really care for the Ford example, but I will add my two cents to it. If you were going to spend a whole bunch of money on a Ford, wouldn’t it serve you best to check out reviews on it first. Then you would know what roads it rides on rides on or not. Obviously a burner is not a high dollar item compared to a Ford, but the principle still applies. Before you spend your money, it would be wise of you to at least read a review on it and visit forums. Your constant complaining solves nothing! Get some media that your drive likes and stick with it or sell your drive and get another brand.


As for media compatibility I now have over 100 blank discs that will not work to a decent standard in the LG. ALL the discs have been seen work to at least a decent standard in other drives. Please don’t tell me G05 is bad media, the 4163 can burn it reasonably well.

I never asked for any help from Kenshin. My post was to see if anyone had any clue why the drive was apparently malfunctioning with this philips APPROVED media, and if the drive wasn’t malfunctioning to let other buyers beware. In fact Kenshin one was one person I already knew would defend LG (read the other posts not just in this forum).
By initiative I take you mean I should continue to buy discs until I find some that the LG likes and then throw the others away. G05 is in abundance here. TAIYO YUDEN and RICOH is not.

I don’t want to hack anything I just want my drive to do what it is supposed to be capable of.


You have already been told a reason why the two don’t work together (competition between Philips and Hitachi). The 4120 has been proven to burn at 12x on HWZ’s review some time ago. Not surprisingly, they used TY media (how about that). Just because you have 100 media that won’t work to your liking, you complain. Again, LG cannot test every type of media and testing Philips media surely isn’t on their priority list. Among other things, it’s about available resources and competition. Sometimes these things hurt the consumer in the long run (like you), but this is how the game is being played. You gotta find the media that will work or sell your drive. Each drive has its strong points and weak points and you will never find one that is perfect. The choice is yours and only yours.


But both LG GSA-4120B (or GSA-4160B) and LG GSA-4163B write well at 12x to some good 8x media like MCC003, YUDEN000T02, RICOHJPNR02. And they are all cheap and widely available. Also quite consistent in production quality.