Lg Gsa-4120@4160?

hmm I recently readed this in kenshins signature, and now my question:

is there any possibility without problems to tweak the 4120 drive to 4160? and are there any positive feedbacks?

The firmware is not public. It’s still under testing.

rpc1.org: Flashing a LG GSA-4120B to a 4160B possible?

If you have carefully read my past posts, you should have understood every single drive of mine is for pure tests though I sometimes use one or two for personal backups as well for the sake of entertaining my wife. That means, my 4120@4160 doesn’t need to be safe. Here’s my unmodified signature. That is also partly why I spend, not the companies or other individuals for my test drives.

I prefer high-quality humans than high-quality optical storage products. No PM and no email unless it’s something to be said only privately. Don’t abuse public forums and the willingness to help. Contribute something instead.

Test drives: Pioneer DVR-108, Lite-On SOHW-1613@1633, 1613@1653, LG GSA-4120@4160, Samsung TS-H552B for 16x, Samsung TS-H542A for 12x, LG GSA-4082B, Plextor PX-708A for 8x…

I didn’t forget adding “test” in my signature.

So if you don’t mind spending your personal property on these, I’d gladly send you my 4120@4160 along with a new 4120 and a new 4160.

The 4120@4160 thread has been there for nearly 7 or 8 weeks by now but public interest and participation has been very low, I understands.

And what do you think about 4120@4163 ?

I can only think so don’t expect much. :bigsmile:

I think my 4120@4160 can be 4120@4160@4163, too. I can’t say all of what I know. I can’t say even what I do not know. At least, there is hope, but only hope. I wouldn’t want LG to make it even more difficult to find and share information and to customize, so to speak, firmware and try to maximize the usefulness of consumer’s properties, LG DVD writers, that is.

I have many things to suggest to LG. A brief list:

  1. Make bitsetting for DVD+R DL, DVD+R SL, and DVD+RW as easy and flexible as possible.

  2. Include DVD-RAM 5x made by Hitachi-Maxell, DVD+R DL 4x made by Taiyo Yuden or Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC), DVD+RW 8x and DVD-RW 6x made by MCC, DVD+R SL 16x and DVD-R SL 16x made by Taiyo Yuden or MCC, and CD-R/-RW media in the retail box. It is very irresponsible for the largest optical storage manufacturer not to do so. GM and Ford telling their consumers they have no idea where to feed oil to their automobiles and Microsoft telling prospective Windows XP buyers to look outside the planet in order to use the operating system software is unacceptable.

  3. Do not fix prices which is illegal in most civilized economies but is taken for granted for LG.

  4. Release at least one Serial ATA version of GSA-4163B for the same price or less.

I could go on but they are the ones first coming to the surface.

Actually, you would be surprised at the level of interest in converting a 4120b to burn at 16X. But seeing as where we live, you are lucky to see affordable media at 8X speed, it is just a moot point. But mooted it is.
However, the point that I try to make is that you are better off with a 4120b rather than a 4160b because the 4160b lacks bitsetting.

Now this im interested in :slight_smile: hint hint nudge nudge
4120@4160 ididn’t really add much in the way of features to be really worth the risk/time (altho i still appreciate efforts to do so). 4120@4163 is a much more worthy cause, if it is deemed to be viable :wink:


Are you saying about a real 4160B or a 4120B@4160B? The latter does support bitsetting. I don’t think 4160B can’t do bitsetting either. LG probably just forgot about it in thier A300, A301, and A302 firmware releases or didn’t want to do it on their own in order not to make themselves appear too weak (to pressure?)