Lg Gsa-4082b

Hi all,

I’m wondering what firmware I need to upgrade this drive to so it can burn DL cd’s.

If it’s all possible… I hope it is!!!

no DL FW to this drive and i don’t think there will ever be. the new LG GSA 4120B has DL +R capabilities.

I have the same thought. LG answered that there won’t be any firmware update for LG’s previous optical drives. I’m not sure if they truly meant it.

In one of your posts you have outlined that the burning quality of 4120 is much better than 4082. I find the 4082 good. can you please elaborate on the subject?

I can only point to the original test results.



Any guesses to when we will see a fully comprehensive test including burn quality charts on the GSA-4120B?
I’m dying to know if it supports “correct EFM” and how good the burn quality really is!

The reviews I linked previously were all done upon direct request of LG Electronics in Pyungtaek where the South Korean head office (tech) of HLDS is located. Naturally, the tests were done and results writen for LG, rather than web visitors.

I don’t know anything about “correct EFM” except some things I read on CDFreaks and other places and I can’t find anything about it mentioned in those Korean-language reviews. Burn quality is a subjective matter as far as I am concerned and this is where almost everyone seems to have different opinions and preferences. I can believe GSA-4120B’s burn quality is one of the best, right in the same level as Pioneer DVR-A06, but I am saying this again only because you have asked about it. I have never used a GSA-4120B or Pioneer DVR-A06 myself. Never even had either of them.

Time will tell and most of the times, time will tell truthfully. More consumer-targeted GSA-4120B reviews will be posted on the web soon, especially on the South Korean and US sides since they are where LG Electronics seems to be doing their marketing most earnestly.

Perhaps I can ask some people to post more KProbe and CDSpeed scan results.

I’ve updated to A208 firmware for LG4082 and still cannot burn DVD’s beyond 4X? I had purchased an OEM drive and even at the A207 update could not burn beyond 4X. Even updated mb bios did not help!

Tech. support from LG is useless, no acknowledgement or response.

Can anyone help?

I think you should use some DVD discs other than your current use. I’m using A208 and most 8X discs could be burn at 8X, e.g. verbatim 8X +/-R