Lg Gsa-4082b



hello, im italian.
i search the firmware for burning the dvd dual layer with the my LG 8X GSA-4082B.
Are you able to help me ??


This drive does not support dual layer burning.



In case you didn’t know (from your sig), firmware A209 was recently released for the 4082B. Of course that’s not going to get either of you dual layer burning, but it will maximize your media support anyway. Nice to see LG putting out new firmwares for a drive this far down the line. Now if only I could get some newer official firmware for my Liteon 1633S #$%@%$@$^^#$^ :wink:


Is this an official release and/or do you have a changelog?


I use CS0M firmware for my SOHW-1613S. :slight_smile:


A208 firmware is the latest official firmware from LG.

GSA-4081/4082 cannot burn DL media of any kind. There’s no known plan to add that feature.


whats this A209 that cbjwthwm was talking bout?


I thought it was worth a look, so I Googled it. Found A209 and flashed it on my drive. I don’t have a changelog, so I don’t know what differences to test for, but it works fine so far.


Is it supported by LG?


It’s a Buffalo release isn’t it? So the changelog is probably in Japanese :wink:


What are the changes?