LG GSA 4082B won't recognise 4.7gb discs

well i’ve been using this burner for ages now, and never had any problems. until i tried burning something that was 4.6gb. it kept telling me the disc was to small. i have never burnt a file that big before (all of them have been around 2-4gb) no matter what recording program i use, or dvd i use (i’ve tried princos, verbatim, the dvd i got with my old liteon dvd burner that clearly states on the dvd that its 4.7gb, and 4x) it always says its not big enough, and that its only 4.5gb when it should be 4.7gb

now i can’t find any overburn option in nero, or alcahol 120% or any other program i use, theres only overburn for cd. i really am getting annoyed, since not only can i only burn at 2x (thats another story) but now i can’t use the full capacity of my discs.

i have the latest firmware, i just updated today to the latest, i previously had a206 and it still did it.

if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

please someone has to have some idea! this is so annoying the hell out of me!

You cannot burn more than 4.38 “computer” GIGA which is equivalent to 4.7 “non computer” giga. the computer’s “1000” is actualy 1024.

lol so there really is no problem at all. how stupid of me. thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile: