LG GSA 4082B Original Firmware needed (not an updater)

Every 4082b driver in lg website is an update to another driver, i accidently uninstalled my drivers and now when i download a driver from lg and try to update it says can’t find target drive :a I need a driver to install my dvd ram, and i dont think i have my cd either but that probably would have helped anyway :sad:

sorry for the double post, but can someone help me please ?

So you want the driver, not the firmware, right?
Have a look here:

[edit] Oops, Kenshin seems to have reorganised the location of the driver…
Try here instead:

It sounds to me you just temporarily “lost” your drive in Wndows. Reinstall the 4082B unit to let Windows reinstall the driver. You don’t really need an “original firmware” just to use a drive unit. Manufacturers usually strongly recommend end users to have the latest firmware. (Not that it always matters.)