LG GSA-4082B not reading / writing dvd's

Some time ago my lg gsa 4082B stopped writing dvd’s…it started to not perform end of disc at one, and now it stops at 1%… Not even reads dvd writen by it, but if I put a retail dvd (for example Queen Live at Wembley) it recognizes and plays it. More odd it reads and writes cd’s with no prob. I’ve already installed A208 firmware but it continues the same… If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me. tks

I forgot to tell that my LG has burned over 70 dvd’s and started his behavior after burning 8 consecutive dvd.
It worked well until now… I’ve already changed it to “DMA when available” but remains the same… It simply died dof dvd’s?

Nothing else changed since the last time you were burning successfully? Contact the person responsible for your drive’s warranty.

I don’t remenber if I installed dvd fab gold 2.50 berofe. I think it was after several burning errors, including “focus or tracking error”. At this time the burner
still recognized dvd. Sometime later it simply stopped, and windows keeps sayng “insert cd on drive F”. I tried now audio cd and no problem was found…

Now I tried EMTEC, SKY and Memorex dvd burned by it and it could not read them. Strangely I tried also a Verbatim dvd not written by it and it read it! I don’t understand this… And now a MMore and TDK dvd also can be read (burned by it)… it takes a little more time than usual but the dvd is read. Finally the Maxell dvd-ram that came with the burner is not recognized.

The damn warranty I don’t know where it is …


Not recognized? Never used the DVD-RAM?

Your report lacks a lot of details.

Yes of course I did. The dvd-ram has data on it. Like the others dvd I mencioned, XP says “please insert disk on drive F:”

The burner only reads some dvd’s of some manufacturers. I’ll buy tdk disks to see if they work for burning…

Which info do you need more?

By the way tks for your time

It’s not what I need. It’s what you need for your problems to be explained clearly. Concentrate on stating what you did and how the drive reacted in the order of time.

Ok i’ll try to be as clear as possible

  • I burned 8 dvd in a row and number 9 failed ( focus or tracking error). Before the burner gave me “could not perform disk at once” in some disks ( not the 8 in row)

  • some other tries, with memorex dvd 4x, always the same error. Later the burner stopped reading dvd written by it

  • Tried reading some different dvd’s:
    1 - EMTEC, Sky, Memorex - didn’t read
    2 - MMoore, TDK and a Verbatim( wich was not burned by it) - it read (slowly but read)
    3 - Maxell dvd-ram with data on it - didnt read
    4 - Sony dvd+rw with data - didn’t read
    5 - audio cd - read
    6 - retail dvd - read
    7 - burn data cd - ok

All the media that the burner did not read windows said “please insert disk into drive”
Tomorrow i’ll buy tdk dvd+r disks to check burning… Can I do anything else until tomorrow?

Were the first 8 disks successfully burned? Burned but not read well in GSA-4082B? You used Emtec, Sky, Memorex and such media only?

If that’s all true, make sure what media IDs those Emtec, Sky, Memorex media have. Make sure the media you use are at least good and compatible with your GSA-4082B before trying anything. The most widely compatible and available media for LG DVD writers are YUDEN000T02, RICOHJPNR02, MCC003, etc. for DVD+R. For DVD-R, TYG02, MCCRG02, MXLRG03, SONY08D1, etc.

I tried everything, new media (there’s no such media in Portugal, but I tried those recommended in the user’s manual) and nothing. Decided to buy the 4163B and i’m satisfied (for now) with it.
I’ll try the 4082B on my other pc to see if it works (will be the last attempt)
For example if the 4082B laser is the damaged how much will it cost to repair?
Tks for your help Kenshin

If it’s under warranty, zero. If not, too much to bother with.

ok thanks a lot Kenshin

Bad News… Your laser is going out or has already done soe. If under warranty you contact LG and get a replacement. Takes around 30 days after you send yours back. If not under warranty… good luck! Go get a new one.