LG GSA-4082B not reading discs after firmware update

I just updated to A209, and now my burner does not read any discs. I tried downgrading to A208 and A201 and I’m still having the same problem. What do I do?

Try a new firmware here: http://tdb.rpc1.org/#GSA4082B

That’s where I got A209 and the others from, no luck…

What is Auto-Reset? I downloaded the dos flash utils

Auto-Reset is a RPC-2 firmware which sets back the regioncounter everytime the OS/computer is restarted.

I too have a problem with the 4082b, as XP Pro doesn’t seem to reconize it as a burner anymore ( when looking at the drive properties the region tab isn’t listed). I have at least 5 different burner programs on my system. DVDFAB, Nero Burning, 1click copy, yadda yadda yadda. Any suggestions,??? Thanks in advance

same here…my burner was working fine a week a go and now I cant burn.
At first I thougt the IDE cable died, but after that didnt work I formatted clean, it was about time anyways :wink:
It just tried A209 and its not working at all…meaning it doesnt read the cd. Its still spinning though.
the suckers Model: LG-DVD-DRIVE-GSA-4082B
Anyone can help please?

im having the same problem only my firmware is A207

currently updating to A209

ok I got fed up with my LG-DVD-DRIVE-GSA-4082B and I just went and bought the samsung dual layer burner.
I couldn’t wait any longer to find a fix for the problem.
I gotta say that I am very disapointed with LG and will try to stay away from their products in the future.
The new Samsung burner cost me $54 CDN.
I will keep checking back from time to see if there has been a fix for my LG burner. When that happens I will just put it in my other computer.
Thanks for everyones help.


@ilovecs: Just for the records, your drive failed without updating the firmware, right ?

Yes that is correct. My LG dvd burner was working great the day before.
I just booted my comp up and it stopped detecting any media.
I have just bought a Samsung Dual Layer burner which obviously is working fine.
Just waiting for a fix for the LG.

would anyone recommend this drive to upgrade to?


id really like to know if there is any well known problems with it or if it a great drive

any comments appreciated

im also lookin for a better known cd and dvd burner in one like the gsa-4082B (without the errors)