LG GSA 4082B-Dead or Alive?

I bought this piece 3 months ago
Burned DVD-R’s +R’s, no problem

Problem started when it couldn’t read its own Burnt DVD which had Software, but could read DVD with movies

Then, stopped reading that too, not even CD;s

I thought it’s a Windows XP problem, so I tried to boot XP Cd with it but no luck

Now, have no idea what to do…I bought this OEM from factorydirect.ca

Its been 3 mnths, I am not sure if I can return it. anyone experienced the same problem plz help me

Also, I couldnt read the DVD’s and CD’s in the regular A201 firmware, so I decided to upgrade it to A207…but not luck. I wish to put it back to A201 Software and found a link on this site which has the DOS version

Can anyone tell me how to flash it in DOS


Updating my Post

I was gonna toss this drive, but I thought of giving one more try

I restored the PC 3 days back, and it worked , read my CD, read the DVD…gonna give the update if it burns stuff now