LG GSA-4082B can't read cd-r anymore

I got my dvd burner a month ago from a friend. And today it won’t read cd-r, but will read dvd.

Haven’t changed any of the drivers.

are you using an 80 pin cable?

It’s an IDE so it must be a 40 pin.

Noooooooo. OK…true the connector is 40 pin, but 2 types of cables. The old 40 pin which work fine on older drives. New drives with UDMA support need a double density cable called an 80 pin. Connector is still 40 pins each end, but 80 wires in it.

OK I understand. How do I know which cable I have? I think the cable is the original, so it would be 5 years old.

Anyway My dvd burner work perfectly (Beading, Buring) on CD-Rs and DVD-+Rs. Now it doesn’t detect my cds or cd-r, but Can still burn my dvds. I tryed cleaning the lens, but with no avail.