Lg Gsa-4081b

Hi there. This is my first time around here, so I do apologize if this is not the right forum for this subject.
I bought an LG DVD recorder (GSA-4081B) about a year ago. Since it is a single layer recorder I’d like to know if a firmware update would turn it to a DL driver.
Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome around,

From what I know, is the answer no. Why not to buy a new +/-R DL writer, they are really cheap nowadays.


Thanks for taking time to respond. Yes, buying a new DVD driver may be a good idea, but not right now, since DL media is still expensive around here. Each DL disc goes for as much as U$8.00. I can buy single layer disc for less than a dollar each. Thanks…On the other hand, please go to…

What do you think?

soryy, can’t follow you (it’s late here), what do you exactly mean?

What do you mean you can’t follow me and it’s late there? lol It’s just a link that shows another thread on this subject around here :wink: