LG GSA-4081B Writes with Max 4X!

Hi all,

My previous post in this forum was about not to be able to write faster than 2X. With Taroth’s advice and enabling DMA, now I can write 4X.

Nero’s Infotool says max supported speed is 4X.

I tried all firm wares: A100, A101, A104, and yesterday even A106.
I use Verbatim 16X DVD+Rs with no luck. :frowning:

System Configuration:

  • PIV 3.0
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Nero 6

Any idea to solve my problem will be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

TheDarkLord, Lord Of The Dark World

Tried other media?

Sure… I tried TDK, Maxell, Philips…
All with 4x…


The last FW for the 4081 is old and it don´t know the Codes for 16x-media

You know that the 4082 writes DVD-R max at 4x?

Try media like YUDEN000T02 and MCC003. Verbatim 16x DVD+R’s MCC004 but I am not sure whether GSA-4081/4082 support MCC004 properly (though I also have a 4082B, I never tested it with MCC004 due to cost problem.)

Actually the 4082B writes both +R and -R at 8x. It appears as though LG hasn’t included MCC004 in their firmware and a generic 4x strategy is applied.

Here is a scan with 4082B with A209

4081: 8x +, 4x -
4082: 8x +, 8x -

82 is a replacement of 81 to add 8x -.

Thanks for the scan. MCC004 is not good in 4081/4082. :iagree:

This one is much better using A208. Looks like either a bad disc or more likely A209 is the culprit. Looks like I’ll stick with it in the future.

Much better. Though still GSA-4163B seems to burn MCC004 better.