LG GSA-4081B problem with few medias

Hey there.

I have problem with my dvd-burner with few medias.
I’ve tried to use Fujifilm CD-R 52x to write some data on cd, but my dvd-rom can’t read these cd’s? It says “no cd” or “no writeable cd”.

Same thing happened with my son’s game. When I insert this cd lg tries to read it, but doesn’t do anything. Can’t view the cd coz it says “no cd”.

What to do? I have driver version 5.1.2535.0
Firmware is the newest I could find: A104

Also uninstall the IDE channels and drive entries using Devicemanager and restart.

From where can I do this?

Auto Insert Notification is a feature on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME.
On Windows XP, it’s called AutoPlay. To access the settings for AutoPlay, right-click on your CD/DVD drive and click Properties, then click the AutoPlay tab.

I’m having the same problem with both an LG GSA-4081B and a Sony DRU-710A.

After doing a completely fresh install of Windows XP Home on a client’s machine, both drives seemed to work fine, and I successfully completed test burns on both drives using single layer DVD R.

I returned the supposedly fixed PC to the client, and a couple of days later, he called me saying that he had the same problem as stated above. Both drives are not reading any CD/DVD media, the mouse cursor shows that media is being loaded, but I am unable to explore the contents of any disk, and presented with an “Insert disk into drive:x” when attempting to do so. I have reinstalled both drives via device manager, and uploaded both drives with the most recent firmware available.

Both devices show as being fully functional via device manager, and also via Nero Toolkit…

I’m stumped as to why these drives are doing this, as far as I can establish, there is no hardware failure, and these drives were previously functioning as they should be (it was also the 2nd time that I had to reinstall these devices, and they seem to work fine for a couple of days, then stop).

Any suggestions?

Yep, no hardware failure but drivers clashing and creating that issues.
Tools like Alcohol, CloneCD/DVD and Packet-Writing Software is known for creating that trouble.