LG GSA-4081B - peculiar

Well, I’ve been searching around the net and I don’t seem to find anything that helps me troubleshoot the issue with this drive.

My friend bought it a few months ago and it’s been fine. Recently though he was watching a DVD, then after resetting his machine the drive suddenly wouldn’t work. I believe he was forced to reset due to a crash of some sorts. Either way, a phantom disk drive appeared (alongside his usual drive) claiming it was the DVD, but as soon as he puts a disk in (CD or DVD) they both turn to CD and won’t read anything.
I took it home and tried it on my machine, here it says it’s a DVD drive but when I stick something in, it changes to a CD and won’t read anything (same as it is at his house - just without the phantom drive).

My guess is that the drive was somehow flashed and thus isn’t responding correctly but I can’t find any info on this. I was hoping that some people here would have a clue.

you can get firmware from http://gb.lgservice.com/index_b2c.jsp

The pain in the arse website won’t let you go directly to the page so…
Click on Device Drivers
Click on DVD-Writer
The Firmware is at the bottom of the list.

Good luck!

Lord only knows what happened to this drive in a past life.

Thanks for the firmware link, much appreciated - too bad the DVD didn’t like the feel of the new firmware and spat it out again. For a half-hour I actually thought it was working. It read CD’s and DVD’s, though I couldn’t get it to burn.
Then all of a sudden, after a reset, it reverted back to it’s former state of non-reading and that’s where it is now. I have to say, if I wasn’t stumped before I damn well am now.

I have a feeling the only option is to send it back and get a replacement - which will take a while.

I’m pretty stumped as well!

Before sending it back, try to change it’s place on the IDE settings (i.e. if it’s a master on the secondary IDE, then put it as a slave on the primary along with your harddisc), but don’t forget to change the jumper on the back of the drive.

Windows will think it’s a new drive, and any stange software/driver/whatever will be reset.
It might sound strange, but I have had a non working CD-rom a few years ago that suddenly sprang to life when I switched it over.

Ok… it looks that we have da same trouble,… some times my GSA-bla…bla drive reads… some times it burns,… some times it only works to use space on my 5.25 pc bay… bad hardware,… I’m still waint a response of LG to use my guarranty.

Hmm, I gave it back to my friend and then it was working all of a sudden… but now it’s not working again :smiley:
He’s gonna get a new one anyway if it isn’t working so we’re just gonna mess about. Lets remind people to avoid this one eh?