LG GSA-4081b Media? problems

I’ve had an LG GSA-8041b drive for some time and has been working fine. I recently restocked myself with Datawrite white CD-Rs and Datawrite Greys DVD-Rs, having previously used Datawrite Yellows DVD-Rs without a problem.

However, I am now only getting 1 in 10 DVDs to burn sucessfully. Half will not be “seen” by the software (Trying with Nero 6 ultra and Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator 6) and the rest will burn but will have errors and end up as coasters.

Stranger still the CD-Rs are not burning well either. Again, Nero and Roxio rarely recognise the disc as blanks. I’ve only managed to burn a couple of audio CDs and that’s using the burn functions of Musicmatch Jukebox and Winamp, both of which are no longer seeing the CDs as blanks.

I have upgraded the firmware with no avail, and am starting to get annoyed as I have had my HDDs full to the brim for ages now with no way to back up.

Datawrite means nothing because it’s a brand name. Please post details. (If you are not familiar how to do that, read the sticky threads on the Recording Hardware and Media forum.)