LG GSA-4081B info

I’ve been interested in multi-format drives for some time. The LG 4040B, and now the 4081B, seem to be close to what I’d like. I haven’t seen any specifications for the 4081B so I’m guessing it is better/faster than the 4040B and hopefully with fewer problems too.
I’m actually looking for a multi-format drive that will work with DVD-RAM disks that can remain in their caddy. So far i’ve not seen any that can do that, and support the DVD + & - standards too. Does anyone know if there is a drive that can do that?
I’m currently using a Panasonic LF-D201 DVD-RAM drive.


Panasonic is the only manufacturer of DVD burners still supporting cartridged DVD-RAM discs, so you may want to wait for Panasonic’s next entry SW-9573 in May:


Otherwise the LG GSA-4081B is a much better model than the 4040B in terms of writing quality, but the next LG GSA-4082B will also add 8X DVD-R and 4X DVD-RW write speeds to compete with the current crop of 8X DVD burners from Pioneer and NEC.

Thanks synergy, that was very helpful. I think I’ll hang on until the new panasonic SW-9573 drive is available. Being able to keep my current dvd-ram media in their caddies is important to me - they are purfect for retrospect backups.
Thanks again.

For those interested in this drive I’ve seen it listed at http://www.span.com, though it was not priced. When I enquired Span said it would not be available until August and that even that would not be a firm date.

Oops. I was referring to the Panasonic SW-9573.

Look for the Panasonic SW-9573 to actually be available closer to the end of July to the first week in August. Direct email: tharrison@dfwdepot.com

Drive Support
Maker Model
AOpen 8X8 DVD Dual APP, DRW8800/APP
MATSHITA (Panasonic) DVD-RAM SW-9573, DVD-RAM SW-9583, DVD-RAM LF-M721, DVD-RAM LF-M760, DVD-RAM SW-9573S, DVD-RAM SW-9583A, DVD-RAM SW-9583S, SW-9573, SW-9583, SW-9573D, SW-9583D


I have the drive specifications for the Panasonic SW-9573 if anyone is interested. Please email me directly for a copy. tharrison@dfwdepot.com

Why can’t you just post them here? :confused:

Similar to Hitachi-LG’s GSA-4120B, obviously. One of the specifications must be 5x DVD-RAM write.


Can anyone tell me if the LG GSA-4081B can write dual layer DVD’s? If not is there a firmware update that will enable this?


To get two layer, take two dvd’s, turn one over and glue them together. :wink:

The new drive GSA-4120B (which is dual layer) has different components and chipset. I don’t think you can get any firmware from there.

Right, they are different even at first look.

I can suggest another way to get DL. Sell your 4081B now in eBay and buy a used 4120B with the money one month later. In one month, 2.4x DVD+R DL media will become as cheap as 2.4x DVD+R SL media two years ago.

Mmmmm. Cartridged DVD-RAM. Droool.
I really love the Panasonic drives.