LG GSA-4081B Firmware?

Hi there, I recently purchased an LG 4081B and was talking to a techie friend who mentioned that it may be possible for it to burn dual layer dvds with a firmware update. Now, assuming that LG will most likely not release such an update (as it would undermine their 412x line), is this possible, and is there somewhere I can find this firmware?

Thanks folks!

Sorry I can’t answer your question however, I would like to tag a question onto yours.

Is there also a fix for multi region? To my knowledge I have not played any other region than my home region and I am down to 3 changes left??

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Firmware that support RPC1 and auto-reset can be found on this site made by The Dangerous Brothers.

Jan - thanks…

Wahoo… - if it works that is :slight_smile:


I downloaded that (4081W106.ZIP) file a while back. I have two of these drives, and the only read CDs, won’t boot, won’t burn anything or read DVDs.

The firmware loaders didn’t work. Since then I’ve boycotted everything from LG.

Many things can cause the drive not to burn. There are separate lasers for CD/DVD reading and writing. If the drive will not read/write to DVDs, the DVD laser is probably damaged. Although the only way to know for sure is to connect the drive to another system. Certain programs/drivers installed on a system can interfere with burning or reading as well. In either situation, updating the firmware typically will not help. There are even a few unlucky people who have software on their system which interferes with flashing the drive.

In any case, the GSA-4081B is a very old model. So if it is that the DVD reading laser has died, it’s way lived past it’s useful life.

I’d be annoyed when a drive doesn’t seem to want to do anything right and I myself have boycotted a few brands here and there for similar reasons.

ya I had my 4081’s rails greased while back and it started reading and writing, but I mainly used it as a reader drive as I picked up a benq 1620, now the lg 4081 with a106 doesnt read dvds, only cds.

Gonna have to open it up and see if I can regrease it. I dont like using my 1620 to read, strictly burning :slight_smile: