Lg Gsa-4040b

well I bought this dvd-writer yesterday for about 160€ and my surprise is that it can write last safedisk 2.90 without problems on my Sims superstar, Devastation and Postal 2.
Other nice features are that cheap dvd media without mark can be written at 4x without any coaster or write errors.
I think this one could be a good choice to buy. Any suggestions?

i have the same drive, but problems with cheap media.
what firmware do you have and use?

try last fw that is A301

i known that A301 is the last fw, but i dont want to update without being sure that i wont regret, because i cant downgrade the fw.
is A301 the firmware you use?

yes, it is the last official fw posted last days

where did u get it for so cheap, I saw it was like $185 in Canadacomputers

and also do u have ps2? if u do can u try backup some ps2 games with that burner?
cuz I m planning on buying that burner this weekend

I bought it here at Spain at local shop.
It can backup ps2 and xbox games without problems, with the correspondent additional hardware for both consoles such chip, ethernet card (for xbox)…