LG GSA 4040B Yakumo DVD+R Media Problems

Hi all, perhaps someone has an answer for this:

I bought a packet of 50 Yakumo DVD +R. I had burned a few of them an all of them where burn at 4x without problems. The strange thing is that after burning it the driver cannot read them any more. After making some noise, it gives some corrupt disc or just dont show anything. I know that the copies are ok since I can read them in my other drive (Toshiba SD-R2212). Also a friend tried in his own 4040B and he was able to read them.

Any suggestions?

It sounds to me like your firmware doesn’t like these media too much. Did you test if other self-burned discs work ok in your system?
If you want to update your firmware, pay a visit to the CDFreaks firmware archive, or www.rpc1.org, as they have a huge database as well (also non-official firmwares).

Maybe you can post some more information on this Yakumo discs. This information can be gathered with DVD Identifier.

Thanks for the answer. I also think is a problem with the media. The thing is a have a lot of them and I dont want to waste them. :slight_smile: Another thing is that I am able to burn at 4x without problems.

Anyway as soon as I found something more I would post it here.