LG-GSA-4040B Reading Disks Causes Crash on XP SP2


I have burnt data only DVD’s with both Nero and Cheetah. While the disc burns just fine, it crashes my Explorer when I try to view files in any of the folders burnt onto the DVD. I have upgraded to the latest LG firmware and have recently installed the Windows XP Service Pack 2. I can’t say if this problem occured before the SP2 install as I never had a reason to burn a data DVD. Now of course that I have to burn data DVD’s this problem has cropped up!!

Any help from anyone on a solution is greatly appreciated. What good is a DVD burner if you can’t access the data on the DVD disc itself??

Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this for me.

Have a great day.


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First thing to do is to try to open that disks on some other computer. But I think it’s the Windows what causes you problems (I have had a similar problems with video files). In that case you would have to repair or even reinstall Windows.

I agree with pekjam. It sounds like some kind of driver or software issue with Windows to me.