LG GSA 4040B new Firmware A301

All you people out there frustrated with
being unable to burn at 4X.

Printco 4x DVD-r works for me with Nero

Cut and paste the whole address!.

goto: http://www.lge.co.kr/open_data/GSA-4040BA301(kw).zip

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Have you verified any such DVDs to ensure byte-for-byte correctness? I have encountered byte errors even on supposedly high-quality media; I would be even more worried about such errors on (reputedly) lower-quality disks.

Single-byte errors may not be so terrible when burning an ordinary home video (and I don’t bother with byte-for-byte verification on such videos), but when I need to use DVDs for data storage, I am uncomfortable with anything less that total correctness.


You are now getting technical, if you own
one of these burners, perhaps you should direct inquiries to LG themselves, although
I doubt they would commit themselves to
to a guarantee of perfection.

The movie I backed up at 4x worked perfectly on my DVD player.

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goto: http://www.lge.co.kr/open_data/GSA-4040BA301(kw).zip

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