LG GSA 4040B Firmware A302 Update

When I try to download this update I get a screen full of nonsense and no file to download! How do I locate the download file. Had the same problem with A301 but foundsomeone on a forum who had the file I needed.

Help would be appreciated.

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2 suggestions:

1: Right-click on the link, do ‘save target as…’. save it to your desktop and remove the .html from the end of the file.

2: go to http://www.geocities.com/handy01064/

Memorex DVD-R 4X can now burn at 4x with A302 firmware

Go to http://ca.lgservice.com (Canadian website) to download the firmware for the GSA-4040B and there is also a Windows XP patch file to enable high speed burning (10x) for this burner.


Got to http://us.lgservice.com (US website) to download the firmware for the GSA-4040B. However the high speed burning patch files is not available from this site.


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