LG GSA 4040B DVD File Structure burning issues

Hi Guys, didnt find an answer to this via search so I might ask in a new post.

I have the latest firmware 304 flashed.

You know when you use DVD decrypter to rip a DVD to your hard drive you would get about 4 vob files of about 1Gig in size each and a few other ifo files 2 or 3 of them, average about 6 files all up for the DVD rip.

I then use Nero to shrink them to 4.3Gigs in total and burn them without a problem.

The problem I have is when I rip a DVD which is usually a DVD with speacial features as well as multiple language soundtracks on them. When ripping such discs I would end up with about 20 or more files all up, consisting of more than 1 vob files and ifo.

Shrink them to a total of 4.3Gigs as usual without a problem.

When try to burn them using nero, my burning process pretty much hangs, the light on the drive keeps flashing as if it was burning something but the status in nero is still 1% completed at the writing " lead in " stage and the buffer never actually fills up.

I would let it sit over an hour and its always at the same stage, 1% at the writing lead in stage. Have to power cycle the PC to get it to stop.

I have tested with burning discs that only creates about 6 files as mentioned above this post, burning data 1000’s of data files without a problem.

The DVD disc I am trying to back up is Lexx Season 1 disc 4.

I dont know if anyone is also having this problem. Do I have a faulty drive or is there a bug in the firmware?

I have tried other ripping and burning software and its always the same, its not the burning software causing this issue.

I have this problem, too, in addition to the “focus” error also mentioned on this forum: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=106106

I also use Nero for burning. (And DVD Shrink for compression; though that does not seem to be the cause of the problem.)

I tried updated everything: Windows (XP Pro SP 2), Nero (, Firmware (A304). But the problems still recurs. The only media I have handy is Ritek G04. I think I’ll try some other media brands before I give up and contact LG customer service as some others with the “focus” error have done.

Glad I am not the only one going crazy. I too am using RiTek -R.
I am sad to say I have also tried Verbatim, Princo and Unbranded blanks. I have not tried +R since I dont have any.

Fingers crossed that the next firmware realease will fix this.

PS: I have the same configuration as you too, cept I use DVD2One for my compression alternately with Nero recode ( nero rebranded dvd shrink )