LG GSA-4040B DVD Burner and Printco Discs



Ive been busy burning heaps of “Printco” x4 DVD-R discs over the last six months only to find that most of these discs now show splashes of large squares on the video and pops and cracks from the audio, with the video locking up for a few seconds here and there when played on my “TEAC” DV-3120 Player.

Most of the video was captured on “Ulead’s” MovieFactory 2.5, editored on “Mpeg-VCR” and burnt with either MovieFactory 2.5 or “DVDClone”, but the results have always been the same no matter what software I have used - they play fine to start with but then slowly develop these squares, video freezing and pops.

After tearing my hair out I burnt a “TDK” DVD+R/W disc using the same capture/editoring/burning software as I have used with the “Printco” discs, but the result this time was perfect even after playing this disc 20 odd times on my “TEAC” DVD player.

So to prove that this wasnt a fluke, I burnt another “Printco” -R x4 disc using the exact same program/burning software as for the previous “TDK”+R/W and guess what - this “Printco” disc showed the same problems as all the other “Printco” -R x4 discs that I had burnt over the last 6 months.

Now, can I assume that the problem is with the x4 speed -R “Printco” discs ?

I have not updated the firmware at this stage. My system is a P4 1.7G CPU, 512 RAM, twin 120G H/Drives running Windows XP professional.

Any suggestions would be of great assistance.


If ´Printco’ means PRINCO then be assured it is an issue with media. PRINCO has proven to be CRAP!


Yea, throw them away!