LG GSA-4040b - Can't read my new CMC media

Hi there!

I’m totally new here, so cant really find my way around, but i will try to post my question here.

I have a LG 4040B DVD burner, and i just bought some new blank media.

We are talking about some disc’s named “CMC White Top 8x”. But my burner just can’t read the damn discs!

The burner is only 4x, and the discs are 8x, but it should be able to burn them at 4x right?

Is there anything at all i can do to make the useable? I have the newest firmware (A304). It’s pretty fucked since i bought 200pcs.

Will the burner even recognise the media in the drive?

If so, download DVD Identifier, or the latest version of CD-DVD Speed, and post the media ID of the discs. :slight_smile:

If it won’t even recognise the disc in the drive, I don’t know what to suggest!

Also, since you’re wanting to use 8x discs in a 4x drive, it’s possible that even the newest firmware isn’t optimised for those discs…

I have tried both programs as you suggested, but no luck :frowning:

The drive just reacts as if there was no DVD in it at all! But when i try putting in for instance a Princo DVD, it works just fine!

Guess the firmware just can’t handle the media :frowning: So if i want to use these discs i’ll have to buy a new burner?

Since i can’t find any information about my drive on www.lge.com i assume that they wont make any more firmware updates for the drive :sad: can you find a firmware version newer than the A304 i am already using?

IF a new drive is the only solution, what should i buy?

LG again? (i have been very fond of it untill this point) NEC (shit in the beginning, but aren’t they just fine now?), maybe Pioneer, Lite-On? Give me some input :stuck_out_tongue:

What about the LG GSA-4167B ? I can see that you own one like that, is it the best you have/have had or what?

The 4167 is a very good burner :iagree:

Not sure about NEC, never owned one of their drives…as for the Pioneer, the 110(D) is an excellent drive, and from reports that I see, I think the Pioneer 111 could be the same, if not better. :slight_smile:

The LiteOns I have tend to do very well with crappy or mediocre media, whereas the LGs like to be fed quality stuff. The LiteOns are also very good readers.

Sorry, I’ve been logged in, but at my friend’s place for the last hour. :slight_smile:

Edit: another alternative is to buy 4x media, and save your 8x stuff for when you do get a new burner. :wink: