Lg Gsa-2166d



I’ve recently bought a LG GSA-2166D and am trying to install it on my laptop. Windows seems to detect that it is a super multi dvd writer but then detects it as a Disk Drive and gives it a garbled name and does not display it as a drive in “My Computer”. has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it?

Excuse the ignorance but i have also downloaded the latest firmware from the LG website and given that it cant detect a drive, i cant seem to do anything more from here. Have tried looking for drivers etc. Tried emailing LG and havent had a respones.

Hopefully someone out there knows whats going on.



Unfortunately, this is probably a USB driver problem more than anything to do with the drive itself. See if you can find an update for the USB drivers on your laptop.


Try to connect your 2166 to another computer.
If the problem persists, then your drive is probably faulty and needs to get repaired/exchanged.



I agree with SaBoCD. That is about the only way to know for sure if the drive is faulty or it is an IDE driver problem or something else.