LG GSA-2166D Question



I am very happy with this drive but have run into an issue…
It works beautiful when using Nero to copy a burned disc to a new disc (all media types/brands including litescribe discs).
It also works well when using DVD XCopy Platinum to make copies to most types of media with the exception of Litescribe discs (Verbatim DVD+rw litescribe 16X). This is where my issue lies…
When using DVD X Platinum to burn to DVD +rw Litescribe, there is a noticeable “gap” between the beginning of the burning surface and where it actually begins burning. I have tried playing these discs in several different players and they are unplayable. Is this a firmware issue for the LG burner? I didn’t know because Nero burns the Litescribe discs perfectly. Its only the Xcopy where litescribe discs are a problem. thanks for any input…


Correction, the media type above id DVD+r (not rw)


Since Nero works fine with those discs and only DVD XCopy Platinum has a problem with them, it sounds like it is a problem with DVD XCopy Platinum. You will have to ask the developers of the software for help with that. Perhaps they have a support forum or something similar. I’m not familiar with that software.