LG GSA-2166D/Lightscribe Question

I just bought this DVD burner 2 days ago. I have tried to burn a few DVD’s, which were successful. However, when I attempt to use Lightscribe to burn the label, it doesn’t come out dark enough to read it. So, I downloaded the Lightscribe ELCU thing, which didn’t make any difference. If I burn the label a few times, it is darker…almost too dark to see any pictures.

I have taken it back once and exchanged it. But I am still experiencing the same problem.

Any suggestions?


My suggestion is to not expect too much from this technology and use black and white pictures for good results.

What media are you using?

HP lightscribe or Verbatim lightscribe?

I had similar issues with my HP640c lightscribe. Very poor quality images,even after running them through twice. Even using 2 different programs to scribe them.

The lightscribe ELCU did help considerably.

Also: What program are you using for your lightscribing?