LG GSA-2164D - Won't Burn DVD Discs

This drive, which is an external USB2 seems not to recognize a DVD disc during a burning process.

It will play CDs and DVDs, music, data and movies. It will burn music files to a CD, but it won’t even recognize any DVD disc when inserted.

Does it take an act of congress to burn a .jpg file to a DVD disc :doh:? Folks have been saying that it works the same way it would with a CD disc.

We have tried different DVD discs and I admit that I don’t know much about such media.

I’m about ready to return this thing :a . However, it’s probably operator error :o.

Both our machines are running WinXP-Home SP2. I haven’t yet tried it on mine. Her computer is an eMachines box about 4 years old. Mine’s also an eMachines, new.

Hope someone can help.

Thanks a bunch.


You need an adequate burning software (like Nero) to burn to DVDR, Windows doesn’t include any DVDR burning utility.

It’s not clear from your post if you do use a burning app of if you’re expecting Windows to do this on its own… :wink:

Word of advice, Please dont upgrade your firmware if you dont need to -
> had no issue writing dvds using Nero, but after upgrading the firmware to 1.01 it ejects the dvd each time it tries to write to it

he’s trying to say this

The drive is external (not sure if he bought it as an external or he slap an enclosure on it)

the drive boot up fine, recognize CD but not DVD

My personal experience, some drive are like that, i have a samsung (the one in sig) that acts the same way, works fine when it’s plug in internal, but refuse to work external.

Its a external unit, i do not have issues recognizing DVDs if it does sent it for repairs immediately if its still under warranty!