LG-GSA-2164D Endless probelms!

Firstly hello to all,

I bought a LG-GSA-2164D a few months ago and installed as directed, I was having a problem with the device not detecting disks, not recognising them as empty after being erased and a problem with the ODD firmware update running, so i unplugged it and packed it away resigned to the fact that i had wasted £50.

I have tried to use the device again today, i uninstalled the driver and have tried to clean install it, now my laptop doesnt even recognise that it is plugged into my laptop, my laptop tell me that new hardware has been detected and what it is, but I cant install the software in the LG drive, so i installed it in my laptops drive and even though the annoying flashing icon in my toolbar of a red disk keeps on throwing up the error “runtime error 429” active x component cant create object", now when i look in my computer the device isnt listed, just my c drive, d drive and built in cd-rw, can anyone offer any advice, i tried to install the new lg driver but it wont run as it says lower or same firmeware detected,

Should I try to fix it or throw it out my window? im started to lean to the latter,

Any help would be much appreciated,