LG GSA 2164D dvd writer issues for burning



Hi guys,

I am having difficulties burning dvd’s with LG GSA 2164D DVD writer.

This question has been asked a few times before and so far I was not able to find any soloution to the problem through the posts. So I am posting the question again.

LG GSA 2164D is not detecting the dvd when burning files. A couple of months back, It burned the dvd’s and it was fine. all of sudden it stopped burning DVD’s. I am using Sony DVD + R and TDK DVD-R. IT is conneted through USB to my computer. I have tried few burning softwares i.e. Nero, Power producer, CD Burner XP Pro3, Blaze burner… all the time same result. wont read. except one occassion with Blaze software that it started the process but at 80% it said cant read and burn process failed.

The driver is updated and no idea what to do… can any one please help help help…

I do appologise if the information given is not enough as I am a newbie. Do advise me what more information is required and I will try and get it for you guys. Thanks a lot in advance…