LG-GSA 2164D Burning problem


I have a very annoying problem with my new burner.

I used to backup my dvd-movies with my old burner and never had any problems. But a while ago it died, I guess it had served well and it was time to say goodbye. :wink:

So I got me a new one, external LG-GSA 2164D. Now to the problem:

I only manage to succeed 1 in 5 times when burning backups with this burner, not very good…

What happens is that the burn process often just stops and says I have a bad media (CloneDVD). I have also tried with nero and when I read the error log it says “track following error”.

Dont know if this is normal but the burner constantly stops and speeds up at about 14-15%. This is a place problems often occur, but not the only place. The burns also often stops at 95-99%. Very funny… :wink:

Media used among others is: TDK DVD-R 4.7GB 1-8x speed.

Any help will be much appreciated.



Another type of error with nero. Copied the dvd to an image insted of videofiles and got “no seek complete” after the “speedup” at 15%.

Forgot to tell you that I use 1.01 firmware which I think is the latest.

Hello HjalleBK and welcome to the forum.

This sounds like one of 2 things : something to do with the USB interface on your system, or problems with the discs. I’ve had USB drivers which made my USB devices so unstable, I could not finish a single burn. At the same time I’ve also had TDK 8x DVD-R discs with poor burn quality around the first about 15% of the disc.

To figure out which of these two is the cause of your problems, do a few simulated burns and see if they work successfully. Simulated burns pretend to write to the discs, but don’t actually do that. So if there are problems with the discs, a simulated burn will still succeed. If there is a problem with the USB interface or USB drivers, however it will probably crash during burning. The best part is that since it won’t really write to your discs, it won’t even use up a single blank disc.

To do a simulated burn, first get hold of Nero CD Speed. This normally comes with Nero itself but check the version you have installed. You’ll need at least version 4.51.1. If what you have is something older, you can get the latest version here : http://www.cdspeed2000.com.

Then follow these steps :

First we create a disc image on your HD to use for testing -

[li]Get a disc which your old writer successfully wrote, preferably one that is full or nearly full
[/li][li]Use Nero to copy the DVD to an image file (either .nrg or .iso will do fine)
[/li][li]Close Nero
Now we do the simulated burn :

[li]Start CD Speed
[/li][li]Place one of those TDK 8x DVD-R discs into the drive
[/li][li]Once the disc is recognised, click on the “Create Disc” tab
[/li][li]Set the speed to 8x (should be the default)
[/li][li]Select the check boxes marked “Simulate” and “Burn image”
[/li][li]Click the “Start” button
[/li][li]When prompted for a disc image, select the one you created above
[/li][li]The simulated burn should start
Watch for errors during burning. Try running the test 5 times but stop if you encounter an error. After burning each time, eject the tray and then close it again and the disc will show up as blank. You can then run the burn simulation again.

If you manage to do 5 simulated burns without problems, it’s probably the discs that are dodgy. Getting some other discs (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden are recommended). If you encounter an error and the burn crashes at some point, it may be a case of the USB interface or your USB drivers causing the problem.

Hi again and many thanks for the massive answer.

After test burning like you said it seems to be the discs.

I was I confused because I used these discs on another computer with another lg drive and had absolutely no problems.

Is there something I can do to at least get some more discs to work?

Many thanks again.


You may be able to get away with burning those discs at 4x. It’s an unfortunate thing, but most writers have a preference for one kind of media over another or don’t work well with certain types of media. If only DVD media were like video cassettes where the brand doesn’t really matter :slight_smile:


Thanks for this massive answer to HjalleBK… it’s been very useful to me too. A couple of questions:

1.) If the pb was in the USB driver… what would you recomend to do?. I use XP with the latest updates… there are no new Microsoft USB drivers (as far as I know)

2.) Aside the obvious " if possible, don’t work while burning" advice… is there any specific piece of advice regarding well known software incompatibilities?. Myself I use Nero 7 and I have Norton AV and Ad-Aware on the background… but I assume it shouldn’t prevent me from burning (it never did in the past with the old burner!).

Based on my own personal experience, I’ve found that with XP, Windows standard drivers work best for most USB ports, rather than the 3rd party USB drivers that come with a driver disc.

It is possible that other USB devices might be conflicting with your writer, if used at the same time. If you have any other USB devices running, try to disconnect them and run with the writer as the sole USB device.

The other thing is that I’ve noticed that constant installing and uninstalling USB devices left me with an external drive behaving in an unstable way. It was as if Windows got mixed up or confused. One way of dealing with that is detailed here :


It’s quite difficult to state exactly what software might conflict with your drive as there are so many of them that can cause problems. The best advice I can give is to try burning with the system running as cleanly as possible - disable everything other than the bare minimum when you burn.

Also, if you want to know for sure if your drive itself is at fault, try the thing on another computer. Just make sure it has USB 2.0 ports as USB 1.1 is too slow for burning DVDs. What this does is that it eliminates your computer from the equation. So if the drive works, then the culprit is probably some software/drivers on your system conflicting with you burning. If it doesn’t work though, it might be the discs or the writer that is at fault.

:iagree: I second that :iagree: Manufacturer’s drivers often make things worse. My NEC based USB2.0 Cardbus card reaches ~16 MB/s with Windows default drivers as provided with Service Pack 2. Installing the drivers from the manufacturer decreases the maximum speed to 12 MB/s :Z Only way to return to the old performance was reverting to an older System Restore point. Simply removing the drivers did not help regaining the old speed.


Which still isn’t enough for 16x burning.