LG GSA-2164D Burning problem

I have just purchased a new LG GSA 2164D drive.

Have treid to burn DVD’s and get the following problem:

At burn speed x16, it writes ca 27% and then hangs. Verbatin disc
At burn speed x8 it writes until 5% and then hangs. Imation disc
The buffer is showing 100% used.

Has anyone had such problems and/or know how to fix??

I hae wasted two discs and am very disapointed.

My have to go back to my old Freecom drive; it was slow but al least it worked!!

Please help!!


Just tried with Panasonic x4 disc. It now hangs at 1% !!!

After ca 10 min I got the srror =message in Nero

“Device not available G: HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA-2164D”

I seems to burm something as the green light is on for a while and this discs are not useable afterwards.

help !!..

Are you trying to use this on a USB 1x connection?


I am sure it is a USB2, but how can I check?

Download Nero CD/DVD Speed and test burst rate of your device.
If it is less than 22 MB/s then your USB port does not fully support your LG 2164.