LG GSA-2164D Burning problem: advice needed


I recently bought a GSA-2164D external USB burner. I am using it with Intenso 8x DVD+R medias (YUDEN000 T02) and am randomly having “track following errors” problems. I tested 4x and 8x burning speeds but that doesn’t really make any difference: sometimes it works sometimes not.
I want to believe the problem is coming from the media I am using. Am I right?
Any recommendation on blank DVDs would be welcome (+R or -R I don’t care).



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Could be fake Taiyu Yuden. Read this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=112854

I use Verbatim.

Simple method to determine if they are fake : look at the area around the hub ring for a serial number laser etched into the recording side of the disc. The serial number should be of the form TGxxxxxx. If it is not or you can’t find a serial number, the disc is most probably fake.

I searched through the “fake Taiyu Yuden” thread and found reference to those Intenso DVD+R 8x. They are indeed fake and bad quality ones.
I will try to read more carefully the media section of the forum before my next purchase.