LG GSA-12N Ripping Speed



I have flashed the drive with the firmware from http://tdb.rpc1.org/.

I changed the reading speed as described in here:

Flash went ok but I it still takes nearly 40 min to rip a DVD with DVDFab. :sad:

Any idea?




Are you sure the drive is running with DMA Mode activated, and you flashed the modifed firmware, and not the original one?


Yeah, it sounds like you flashed the firmware and this has “tripped” out the DMA for the drive. There are many stickys around the forum on how to enable your DMA. Check your DMA via device manager is it PIO ???

Unless a memeber wants to kindly provide a link. :):clap:

This doesnt sound a real bad problem and im sure you will have a fix pretty soon.


Found this on google. Check it out and uninstall the controllers and start over.

Also before you do this, reflash with the firmware again making sure its the correct version. then proceed to fix DMA. :smiley:


Thx everbody.

I have already checked DMA settings. They are ok. (no PIO mode)

Flash should be the correct one as well. I used the rpc1 variant and patched it with MCSE.

I have second LG drive (DVD-ROM) on the cable + I will try to disconnect it.