LG GSA-10N@12N Crossflash

Just flashed my 10N to a 12N. Found that the burn quality is not as good on MCC004 as I have been getting with the JJ11 firmware. My question is that is there a way to remove the drive check in the JJ11 firmware to allow to flash back to a 10N? As it is now, the JJ11 firmware does not recognize the drive. Any help would be greatly apprecitated.

Try the Dangerous brothers FW. http://tdb.rpc1.org/#GSAH10N and let us know please.:slight_smile:

Neither the JJ11 nor the JL11 firmwares detect the drive since it has been flashed with the UJ12 firmware.

Confirmed, TDB have not yet patched their H10N firmware to bring a H12N back to H10N or H10A.

Thanks SonnyUnlocker. I will keep my eyes open. Hopefully they will have a fix for this.

You can always try the crashandflash method :slight_smile:

Sent a request to TDB about patching JJ11. See what happens.

Let us know if you ever get to crossflash it back to H10N

GSA-H10N @ GSA-H12N (connected to SI-680 IDE controller card)
Burn speed 18x

Received a reply from TDB that patching JJ11 is possible to return from H12N to H10N, but requires some work. They said they will get to it at their convenience. I respect their answer that they are willing to help and no way expect them to drop everything just to provide a fix. I am glad that they help so many of us with their patched firmwares. TDB, Keep up the good work!

I just went back to jj11 from uj12 using the crash and flash method and it seems to go ok. The reason i went back is because jj11 seems to give me better results with maxell dvd+r 002 with much less jitter.

Even though I feel comfortable using that method, I think I will wait for the patch to JJ11 from the TDB. I just can’t afford to loose this drive right now if something unforseen should happen.

Are 12x-speeds avaible for the 12N?

For +R “yes” 12x

For -R “no” 12x

Thank u for the answer

I still use mostly -R, not nice than LG don´t support 12x

I thought the LG GSA-x2xx series do 12x DVD-R (but 16x CAV instead of P-CAV).
If you want to avoid BenQ’s sensitivity and want to do 12x DVD-R, I think the x2xx series is the way to go. The burn quality is similar.

(But don’t quote me on that, I have not owned one of the x2xx series drives personally.)

Can you post more info about crash and flash method and steps do it ?
uj12 firmware looks like dosn’t like reading scratch discs

Look at SonnyUnlocker’s post on page 3 of this thread:

Thanks :clap:
-I’m back to JJ11 now.-Hope next firmware release of H12N supports same bad discs support reading as H10N.

Sorry to ask if it has been answered before,
But What are the benefits of crossflashing of 10N @ 12N?