LG GP50 - Some questions about it

Hi all,

I’ve this HL-DT-STDVDRAM GP50NB40 DVD burner with FW 1.00 and it’d be able to burn “M-Disc (DVD+R SL)” according to its manual but there’s no “M-disc” logo printed on it so I’d want to know if I’ll get troubles or not with these varbatims, for example.

Today I’ve picked a Verbatim MCC004 4.7GB DVD+R from my archive burned back in 2006 and tried to test it by nero cd-dvd speed 3.61 with “disc quality test” but I couldn’t. As I could read here @myce it seems some burners like this LG can’t so I’d want to ask you if there’s a trick or workaround to do this test anyway with this burner. Maybe with another SW or changing its FW?

A last brief question about blank DVDs: I’ve always used verbatim MCC004 to store my data but nowadays I’m in trouble to get them so I’d want to ask you what kind of optical support is more reliable along the time between verbatim MCC03RG20 and the M-disc type DVD I was talking of in the 1st paragrapgh, both ones burned with this LG (MCC03RG20 @4X/8X, ok I’m not in a hurry anyway).

Thanks in advance.
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The official (US) web page for this model lists M-Disc support:

Probably all LG drives of that vintage (~2015) had M-Disc support as a point of base firmware design.

Firmware updates are also available depending on the service code (printed on the bottom label).

LG is funny about model numbers in a way which is maddenly confusing.

A GP50NB40 having service code NB60, is presumed to be equivalent to a GP60 model and so on.

While you can’t do quality testing with an LG drive, you can do a simple speed test and watch the graph for slowdowns which could indicate compatibility issues with the media being read.

Well, that’s the point about M-discs: though it’s declared to be able on both official page and its manual I’d like to check the real -let’s say end-user- truth but I guess it’s a too “poor” burner for myce-standard-level :slight_smile:
Anyway its serial number (aka “service code”) is KZ1D34M2644. Just after bought, I searched better/newer FWs but with no success so if you’ve some news about FWs they’ll be appreciated :slight_smile:

Yesterday I’ve made a speed test on the verbatim mcc004 I talked about on my previous post burned by a pioneer dvr-k12ra back in 2006 and this is the result

I’m not so skilled but I think it’s pretty good for a 12yo optical support, isn’t it? Well, that was almost my standard in DVD-storage so I wonder if a M-disc DVD is the only/best solution with this burner right now because I can find only verbatims MCC03RG20 in my nearhood, that are not the top :slight_smile:

The serial number you posted is not a service code.
If the unit has a service code beyond the initial release, the label will explicitly use that identification (“SVC. CODE NB60”). If there is no such language, you have the original hardware.

If you have the original release, 1.00.06 firmware which improves M-Disc performance is here:

Sorry, you were right about the service code, I’m so newbie :slight_smile: From the bottom label:
GP50NB40 = “model”
1.00 = “ROM VER.” (which I guess is the same for firmware version)
The only “strange” thing for me is what I called “serial number”: there’s “S/N: 303hvey013828” printed on the label while the previous code I wrote (KZ1D34M2644) is written on the html Test results file generated by “Nero CD Speed” where I picked the posted graph from. Do you know the difference?

Thanks for the official link, I’m surprised to see now there’re 2 FWs available, I could swear there was only one the last time I saw that page. I guess I must get the 1.02, right? Anyway about the older 1.00-06 we can read: “Improvement Point : M DISC readability improvement” so I wonder if the burner could only read m-discs or even write them with that fw. So is the final answer to my original question “yes, that LG can write for sure m-disc dvds with 1.02 fw”?
Another technical question. We can read “imput: 5V, 1.6A” on the label so it means the max power the burner can absorb is 1.6A but each usb port can give 0.5A as max power (as far as I know) and this burner’s got only a cable with 2 usb plugs so I think it can absorb 1.0A max power; there’re no other ways to give it power, I mean no power supply. If that’s right I’m afraid to try burning m-discs because I red it’s necessary more power to the laser to burn the inorganic m-dics layer insted of the traditional organic dye dvd layer. What do you think about it?

By the way, what do you think about the graph I’ve posted? I think the curves are quite good as far as I can “read” it. Bye :slight_smile:

I have not seen an instance in which a firmware update to an LG drive added M-Disc compatability that was not built in from the factory version. The firmware release notes describe performance improvements, not added features or capabilities.

It looks like you have the original hardware version, for which (only) the 1.00.06 firmware is appropriate. If you are planning to use this drive to write M-Discs it would make sense to upgrade the firmware. If you download firmware that is for the wrong hardware rev, or not really an update to what is already installed, the firmware flashing program will tell you that.

The speed graph you post suggests a good burn and readability.

Thanks a lot for you explanations :slight_smile:

Now I’ve only the doubt about the necessary power to burn m-discs, in particular my doubt is about my notebook, which carries only usb 2.0 ports. I’ve red on wikipedia that a single usb 2.0 port can provide (500mA, 5V, 2.5W) max to a device while a single usb 3.0 port can provide (900mA, 5V, 4.5W) max to a device, so now I suppose this LG burner can get its max current input (1.6A) only if connected to 2xUSB3.0 ports (1.8A max), so now I think the focus of the main problem is not on the burner ability but on the USBs/notebook it’s connected to for this work. What do you think about it? Will a 1.0A current be able to burn an m-misc?

I have been able to use many modern slimline external drives on a single USB 2.0 port without additional power connections. The best approach is to simply try. If it balks, you can always connect the drive through a USB hub having a separate power supply.

Unfortunately I can report only a bad experience about weak power supplying: as far as I remember I balked only 1 blank DVD with this LG burner and it happened the only time I forgot to connect the 2nd USB plug :smiley: So just one USB 2.0 is only for reading, not burning. Due to this bad experience I’m quite sure (or at least very worried) that 2xUSB 3.0 will be necessary to burn a m-disc else I can’t understand why the max input is so high: 1.6A max compared to 1A max (2xUSB 2.0) for a “normal” DVD burning, anyway I’d be glad if someone could report his real experience.

Of course but a pack of 3 blank m-disc (linked at my 1st post) costs 15 euros and I’d not to regret to have wasted my few moneys :slight_smile:

I’ve already got a PCMCIA card connected to my notebook and it has 3 USB 2.0 ports and it’s powered by a 2.0A max AC-DC adapter. The problem is a single PCMCIA’s USB port can supply 500mA according to the manual so I don’t think that in the case the burner needed more power the adapter will supply it through the 2 USBs, but I’m very newbie so I’ll listen to your answer to this doubt :slight_smile:

It’s amazing!
I tried to contact LG USA support via the official page form but I couldn’t submit it because of repeated “captcha” errors with no kind of solution, then I tried with LG UK and the same thing, finally I tried with LG AU and I could submit the form! I received an email with the answer but the datum I’m looking for was missed: the closest datum is “Continuous write… 950 mA typ… (DVD+R 8x CAV)” so the datum about the current usage when specifically writing “M-Disc (DVD+R SL)” is missed therefore we can’t know if only 2xUSB 2.0 ports can supply enough power to burn an m-disc as they give only 1.0A max.

Then I looked at M-disc burners list (there’s the GP50NB40 of course), I searched some manuals of burners randomly taken form that list to see if that value was published and… often was not specified that the burner could write m-discs!

Ok, now I can say I give up, thanks the same.

Again, you could run the DVD burner through a USB hub having its own power supply.