Lg Gma-4082n

Hi everobody!

My story:

I’m not having much luck buying a Laptop with DVD burner. I first tried an Acer Extensa then a Fujitsu Amilo, both with a Philips 8431 OEM burner who was so slow and failed with my DVDs (TYG02 8x) so frequently that I brought it back to the dealer.

Now I have a Toshiba Satellite A100 with a LG GMA-4082N burner. And I have a LG GSA-4160B in my desktop.

The GMA-4082N is sooo slow. It needs 80 mins for a 4.5 GB DVD. But this seems to be quite a common probem as I have read in this and other forums.

My question:

I’ve noticed that the GMA-4082N runs in PIO mode without DMA and blocks (slows down) the whole system i.e. screen saver, mouse, taskbar, resizing and dragging of application windows, etc. This is a behaviour that I’ve never seen with my GSA-4160B.

Furthermore NERO 6 shows that the internal burner buffer staggers between 15 and 90% and burning speed between 600 and 2500 KB/s.

Could it be that for some unknown reason there’s a bottleneck in the flow of data to the burner so that it possibly could burn faster if it got the data faster??

What’s your opinion about that?
Did those of you, who have problems with ultra-slow burning, notice the same?

As it seems quite impossible to solve this problem with a new firmware (Toshiba doesn’t deliver one, neither), I’m looking for other possible reasons.

Any help and idea is most welcome!


The drive should run in DMA mode, in every case.