I have been doing a lot of researching on these 2 drives
and i cant seem to make up my mind on which one to buy!

I have read about a lot of burning speed problems with the LG,
but it has a 2 year warranty.

The PIONEER is a true 8X allrounder, but doesnt support DVD-RAM
like the LG.
(which i dont really need,but it is always good to have another option)
and only has a 1 year warranty!!

I can buy the pioneer for $168 with free fitting into my case!
the lg will cost $195 with free fitting into my case!

any fors and againsts on these burners??

Any genuine thoughts appreciated


If that is the price you are going to pay (price difference is not huge), go for the Pioneer, FYI the OEM 4081 is around CAD$118 (US$90) and Pioneer 107 OEM is CAD$145 (US$112).

The Pioneer is more media friendly than LG since LG don’t allow cheapo media to burn at 4X in their firmware table, but all top class and most second class media like Princo and Longten can do 4X.

I have a LG 4081 and my friend has a Pioneer, we don’t see much difference with the burnt DVD except he can burn almost anything at 4X and some even at 8X while I have fewer choice in terms of cheap media but I found cheap LONGTEN001 is quite friendly to the 4081 and can burn at 4X without problem. So if you have limited choice of media, go for the Pioneer, JMO.


I bought the pioneer DVR-107D oem and i coudnt be happier!!!
It meets all of my expectations and more!!!

APVM thanks for your input


In buying the Pioneer you have missed out on a gem. I own both drives and the LG GSA-4081B wins hands down every time. The winning factor has been the stability and sturdiness of the LG machine against the rather ricketty Pioneer. Forget brand snobbery - go for the LG when the Pioneer breaks.


No brand snobbery here !!!
I own 80% LG GEAR and i love them!!
I just heard that the LG burner was fussy, in particular towards cheap blank dvds, which hey i know you shouldnt use them ,but
the prices are just SOOOOOOOOOO good!!

The pioneer has now burnt 55 dvds and only 1 failure.
And no noisy drive sounds as of yet!!( touch wood )

Thanks for your thoughts