Lg gh30n

[qanda]This thread is about the LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Wanted to swap out the usual crap writers in my new Dell systems (Optiplex in this case) for my beloved Pioneer 215 drive and to my surprise, I found installed a LG GH30N writer.

I looked it up online and there are no reviews at all. It’s not even on LG’s website. Underneath the big GH30N lettering, there is another code that seem to indicate that this drive might also be a GH22 drive.

Is this just a refreshed GH22 drive made solely for Dell PCs? Has anybody heard of this writer?

We just bought a new DELL Vostro 420 with one of these OEM H&L GH30N DVD drives in it. It appears to be a piece of junk and Dell just sent us a new one, identical to it as a replacement under warranty.

So far, we have noticed two problems:

  1. it won’t write an audio CD worth a damn with either Windows Media Player, Roxio Creator, or Nero 7 Essentials. We went through a stack of Sony CD-Rs trying to get one that worked for a 4 song demo. We had mostly failures and have had to throw away several CDs (virtually all of them). Ironically, using my DELL Poweredge with a Memorex Lightscribe DVD RW, the same process works fine, using only Media Player to burn the audio CD.

  2. After replacing the original factory OEM unit with the identical warranty replacement unit, it threw a region code error when we tried to play a standard movie DVD. This may actually be normal, but it tells me that DELL Support does not even bother to set the region code before they ship this piece of worthless junk to you.

Also, we have not been able to find any driver updates, either on the DELL site, by talking to Dell Support last week, or doing our own research.

It’s made by Hitachi - LG, and the manufacturer’s website is here:


That’s all we know so far. Wish Dell would use a higher quality DVD drive, as this one is OEM junk in my opinion.

Post the discinfo output for your drive, which you get after starting discinfo with File/Save.

You may try:

there is nothing else from Dell.